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Attention: Dora The Explorer Is Not The Hyperactive 8 Year Old We Thought She Was And We’re Shook

This news is ghastly. My memories of Dora the Explorer are of her as the vibrant, overly energetic adventurer with a voice far too high pitched to render her any older than eight. As much as Dora was one to teach us all about directions, numbers and basic life shit she is by no means mature, nor experienced in anything other than what goes on in her make-believe world.

Well people, please refrain from screaming in hysteria as I tell you that Dora is, in fact, a fully grown lady child. This may be a more feminine take on the well-known man-child trope we so often see, but shocking in that it concerns our fondest childhood memories. Catch the lady-child, Dora, in her new flick Dora and the Lost City of Gold and prepare to be shook.

She is not a child, I repeat, Dora is not a child.

She’s wearing the same clothes and she has the same bob cut and childlike bangs – but she’s at least 15 years old. What kind of misleading shit is this?

The new flick, set to be released this August, sees Dora travel from the jungle to a territory considerably more dangerous: high school. It features all her old pals, including fellow adventurer/lover boy Diego. While we can’t exactly say we’re on the edge of our seats awaiting the release of this movie, we’re quietly grappling with the fact that Dora is not the annoying 8 year old child we always thought she was. This is an offence to my childhood.

Image Source: IMDb, @DoraMovie. 

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