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Where To Travel Solo Without Getting Lonely

Ready to gallivant across continents and cruise between landmarks? No travel companion needed. But before you even start thinking of packing, pick your countries wisely. Although travelling alone is much less stigmatised than it was, it counts to be savvy. You may want to experience the African jungle but without a tour guide you’d be just wandering aimlessly in danger. Not a good idea. To travel solo doesn’t necessarily mean to fend for yourself.

We all know the basic rules of solo travel, take tours, talk to strangers and hang where the locals hang, but those will only work if you’ve landed in the right spot. Loneliness can strike at any moment and you’ll realise just how far you are from home in an instant. So here are a handful of stunning spots you can enjoy solo without a care in the world. Travel solo sooner rather than later.

New Zealand

Friendly locals, superb safety and endless open space to explore. New Zealand is ideal for solo travellers. You can take on the action or peruse at your own pace, just make sure you allocate plenty of time to see both islands.


All aboard! See the stunning Nordic coastline by steam boat, you’re bound to make friends as you’re all packed into the floating transport. It’s cold outside, really cold, so expect to find locals at the pub or having a dinner meal in the pitch black afternoon. You’ll feel right at home in no time.


If solo travel for you means exploring all alone, then Switzerland should be your next stop. Locals are friendly and polite, but they mind their own business. Hiking boots and some careful map prep and you’ll be picking up pace as you wander the hinterland. Blissful.

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Costa Rica

The happiest nation in the world demands a visit. Home to a wealth of adventure travel options, you’ll get an adrenaline rush or three too while you stay. Surf the pacific or wander the jungle, solo travel here is more than just hype.


Boasting wonderful rail connections country wide, you can wander Vienna one day and Salzburg the next with no dramas. The cities may be small compared to other European capitals, but there’s a lot of history and charm packed into every block. Art, music and cultural immersion is a must.


Being amongst a bustling city can feel isolating, but surrounded by like minded travellers you’ll be thriving with the business. Colourful streets, market aromas wafting through the lanes and hidden natural wonders dotted along the map, you certainly won’t be bored.


With all Chile has to offer, stopping off in a city or two before you trek around is a great way to find people to mingle with before you depart. Adventure travel is prime here, with the locals playing friendly guide and host wherever you are. Wandering a country over 4,300 km long is thirsty work, just be sure to pack wisely.


A country full of contradictions, where new world tech meets old world charm. Japan has whatever you’re after. Cross the road at Shibuya in Tokyo if you want to see the world fly by or practice a little tranquillity as you wander the temples and shrines of old capital Kyoto. No one will find you rude if you want to go it alone, but there’s plenty of other travellers to meet if you’re so inclined too.

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Efficiency is key in Germany, making travelling the expanse of the country a breeze. Dive into the cool culture of Berlin, all nightclubs and art galleries, then see a whole different world in Munich, more architecture and bier. Germans are wonderful hosts, so you’ll have no trouble finding a local to show you around. Meeting people here will be too easy.


Worried about getting home after a night out? Well in Buenos Aires, the night doesn’t end. Tango salons will have you twirling and pouring until the sun comes up. A fusion of European culture and South American locale, makes Argentina a mixed bag of experiences. A great base for the first time traveller to venture abroad with assurance.

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