Why New Years Kisses Are Seriously Overrated

It’s become a tradition in Western culture to kiss someone at midnight on New Years. Some do it to avoid the superstition that no kiss on New Years means a year of loneliness. We think that’s pretty dumb. While the New Years kiss gave us so much stress in our teen years, the concept seems to become less important every year. Here’s a few reasons why New Years kisses are completely overrated.

You Should Never Feel Pressure To Kiss Someone

If you’re simply wanting to join in because ‘everyone else is doing it’, take a step back. New Years’ kisses are completely optional. If you’re not comfortable doing it, then don’t. Respect yourself and your choices. There’s no reason to feel external pressure on a day that’s supposed to be plain old fun.

There’s Really Nothing Special About It

Unless it’s a New Years kiss with someone you’re interested in, a New Years kiss can be a bit of a mood killer. Random, sloppy, gross kisses with someone you don’t really know. It’s completely fair to say that you’ll probably have a much better time watching the fireworks than kissing a random.

It’s Such A Fake Moment

The idea of finding someone and sharing a romantic kiss under the New Years fireworks is so manufactured these days that there’s nothing really romantic about it at all. While your mate is vomiting in the bushes and you’re being deafened by the pop of fireworks, sharing saliva with someone way too drunk to be standing up is not really that ‘dreamy’ moment. There’s 100 things I’d rather do than that.

It’s Painfully Awkward

So it hits 12 o’clock, you grab your kissing partner, share a kiss for a couple seconds and then what? Smile at each other in romance? Walk away? Have a conversation? Sometimes it’s better to make a cheers and down a champagne than to have to deal with the discomfort of post-rando-kissing.

So if you find yourself without a New Years kiss this year, give yourself a cheers and enjoy a drink because New Years kisses are totally overrated. You do you this NYE.

Image Credit: NBC

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