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How To Embrace The Single Life

Nothing wrong with a bit of you time tbh.

Whether you’re freshly single or have been for what feels like an eternity, there’s no doubt it can be lonely at times. It’s suddenly apparent that all your friends are getting engaged or married, and that’s all that seems to be on your newsfeed these days. Your bed feels huge – a cold expanse of sheets. While I can’t promise that you won’t feel lonely being single, I can show you how to best embrace the single life and enjoy it, from someone who’s learned her way the past year.

Be Selfish

Yes, I mean it. Now is a good time as ever to be selfish, to follow your aspirations and career goals. Your world is literally your oyster. Cliché, I know. But no longer do you have to consult a significant someone to move to a different city, go travelling or be spontaneous. This is a time for you to build your own career and future, based on YOUR wants and needs.

It’s Completely Fine To Be Single

Come Christmas time or family events, you’re pretty much guaranteed the dreaded question; “so, are you seeing anyone?” “Dating anyone?” “Anyone of interest?” And it’s completely fine to say no. While we can feel pressured to have something in the pipeline, and it can be uncomfortable, the answer is “no”. Yes, it can feel aggravating as it’s constantly asked, but chances are Auntie Judy has best intentions and is almost always pure. Don’t rush back into the love scene, you want to be invested and 100% sure before you bring another significant other home to meet the family.

Alone Time

Yes, it is a really nice feeling cuddling up to someone in bed to binge Netflix. Yes, you’ll probably miss that. Reality is, you have your whole life to do that later down the track. Being young and alone, now is the best time to do your own things independently. Visit the movies, go to the library, a café, or even a festival. Spending time to yourself and enjoying it is just part of embracing the single life.


Travelling solo can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. You get to plan your own itinerary, you won’t get into arguments about which way to go, or whether that restaurant was too expensive. I’m not saying it’s not nice to have company sometimes – especially if you’re in a restaurant and you’ve forgotten your book back at the hotel and your phone’s only on 11% battery – but the more you enjoy your own company, the easier being single becomes.

Don’t Romanticise

Rose-coloured glasses are literally your worst enemy when single. It can be easy to assume that everyone around you is happier, getting laid more or leading better lives than you. Chances are, this is all in your head (cheers post-breakup sensitivity and FOMO). It becomes hard to look at that couple displaying PDA (yuck.) or those on dates, or the newsfeed filled with engagement and wedding posts. It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling sad and antisocial. Reality is, nothing is as it seems. What you don’t see i the reality of these relationships, and it can be easy to miss it.

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