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Why We’re Rushing Back To Pre-Coronavirus Normal Life Too Quickly

This won’t last forever.

It seems that there’s a bit of a rush right now to return to “normal life”. It’s understandable, people are going stir crazy in their homes and want to get back to work, school, and socialising. But is a rush to get back to normal really the smartest thing right now?

Either way, there just seems to be a lot of inconsistencies from government and medical officials on what the right rules are for easing restrictions.

What’s The Rush?

For schools across the country, half of the states have resumed school for term two, and the other half are set to resume over the next week or so. For now, students will still be learning from home, however, the Prime Minister seems determined to get students and teachers back in classrooms for face-to-face teaching.

This has been met with (understandable) backlash from teachers and principals who think that the PM should “butt out“. There’s a lot of confusion around whether or not students should return to “normal” school, with the PM, state premiers, and schools all spouting different information.

I’m not saying that students should shouldn’t go back to school at all this year, because that’d hardly be fair. What I am saying is that I don’t think we should be rushing into anything yet in the hopes of returning to normal. We need to be putting the health of the country first, and if that means that students don’t return to school and people don’t return to work until 30 June, as had originally been outlined, then so be it.


It had also been announced earlier this month that the NRL 2020 season was due to be back on our screens from 28 May, but the sport has been criticised by many for returning too soon. Is it just me, or do the NRL think they are some type of Olympic event that will be watched worldwide by millions?!

Training for players is slated to begin from 4 May. There have been a number of reports saying that Channel Nine thinks it’s premature to confirm a start date for the season to resume, but Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) chairman, Peter V’landys said recently on The Today Show that the season will “absolutely” go ahead from the 28th. Like, just, why??

Beaches: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Selected beaches across the country (mainly in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs) have slowly begun to reopen this week to swimmers, surfers and people exercising. But, because some people just can’t seem to do the right thing, the beaches were closed. Again.

The Randwick Council decided to close Coogee, Clovelly and Maroubra beaches after people flocked to the beach to swim and enjoy the rise in temps. These beaches opened again over the weekend, but if you’ve seen any images floating around – literally tonnes have people flocked to them. Hardly for some brief, solo exercises or swimming.

If the public still can’t do the right thing, I’m worried about what this could mean for the normal reopening of more public beaches like Bondi to swimmers and surfers in the coming weeks.

Clearly if councils, health experts and state premiers can agree that beaches and schools are safe to open, and the NRL is safe to resume, it must be safe. But it’s when people fail to listen to advice and be responsible that we run the risk of this virus being prolonged.

Be Patient

While the total number of coronavirus-related cases and deaths is much lower here in Australia, than in other countries around the world, a rush to return to normal life could see more people getting sick very quickly. We’ve seen how quickly this virus has spread in China, Italy, Spain, and particularly in the US.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get back to work, go to the beach, and watch the NRL (Rabbitohs forever), but I think we need to step back and accept that this is our reality. Is a quick dip in the ocean really worth a potential second wave of isolation and social distancing? At least for the foreseeable future, work from home, learn from home, STAY. AT. HOME.

Image Source: @brucetempleton

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