YASSS Big Brother Australia Might Be Returning To Our Screens In 2020

Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but there are a few exciting rumours floating around atm that Big Brother will be making a return next year. Colin Vickery, the TV writer for Herald Sun took to Twitter to announce that Channel 7 is trying to win the rights to bring Big Brother back! According to Vickery, this would be in an effort to attract younger viewers.

Vickery added that Channel Nine has to decide whether or not to retain the rights to the cult reality TV show. Apparently, both Channel Nine and Channel 7 have declined to comment on the whole sitch, which usually means that the rumours are true.

The show ran from 2001-2008 on Channel 10 and then it ran from 2012-2014 on Channel Nine. If Channel 7 is legit about trying to attract younger viewers, bringing us the reality TV show that we all grew up watching would be the BEST way to do so.

In the years that the show ran, it produced some OG Insta Influencers, who are still around the traps today. Remember Tully Smyth the controversial contestant who cheated on her GF while she was in the house? She now hosts one of the MamaM!a podcasts. FLEX girl.


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What about the crazy-haired winner of Big Brother Australia 10, Tim Dormer? In 2016 Tim came out as gender-fluid and according to his Insta is all boo-ed up, with partner Ash Toweel. Goals!


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If the rumours are true and BB is making it’s return next year – there will need to be some hefty restorations to the original Dreamworld mansion. The Big Brother house was burned down entirely in June of this year. Which obviously means, it is in no state to house contestants. It was reported a few months ago that the house was to be turned into a laser tag complex. Maybe this means that the new series will take place in a brand new location? Exciting…

Anyway, stay tuned and follow Channel 7 on Twitter to be the first to hear if the rumours are true.

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