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Big Brother’s Fake Eviction Was Chaotic TV, And I Actually Loved It

Big Brother isn’t the only one watching now.

Housemates have been in the Big Brother house for two weeks now. We’ve seen intruders come in, mostly POC eliminated, and a challenge that seemed like a form of water torture. And the show went full-chaotic yesterday with it’s first big twist of the season, and honestly I’m cheering.

If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Big Brother yet, and if you couldn’t tell by the title, BIG SPOILERS CONTINUE TO FLOW FROM HERE. Ok, you’ve been warned (despite me already ruining it for you in the title).

Last night after animal lover/all-round good guy, Ian, won his first nomination challenge, Chad, Marissa, and Angela were all up for elimination. After receiving eight votes, Angela was sadly eliminated from the Big Brother house.

Or so the housemates think.

As the promo says, Big Brother isn’t the only one watching them now. Angela will be spending a few days in BB’s bunker, and she’ll have control over the house.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t a fan of Angela at the start of the show. Not sure why, she just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. But she ended up becoming one of my favourites very quickly with her dislike of exercise and confusion of people who wake up early to exercise. Relatable, honey.

Angela has become the fourth POC to be eliminated from the Big Brother house so far, with the first three being Laura, Allan and SooBong. Fans were quick to point out the controversial nature of these eliminations, given the current global climate surrounding racial tensions. But there’s an ironic feeling here, with Angela legit about the control everything that happens in the house now.

Twitter Is Loving It

Big Brother fans on Twitter have been having a field day with the show’s twist, and they’re loving that Angela hasn’t actually been sent home yet.

Angela is the true Queen of the Big Brother house – she wasn’t afraid to stand up to the ‘cool kids’ and challenge the status quo. She played the game well, and I hope BB’s twist means that she can come back into the house soon. She really has carried the show, and despite some early concerns about this season of BB, I’m starting to like this very extra season.

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