5 Alternative Fitness Classes In Sydney To Try

How’s that summer fitness prep coming along? It’s not all acai bowls and soft sand runs, also known as pure death in fitness form. For all your goals, to do lists and clean eating aspirations, keeping up your heathy living is no easy feat. So to light that fitness fire in your soul and mix things up, we’ve rounded up some alternative fitness classes to spice your toning endeavours. You’ll be taut in no time. Bonus, if one of your resolutions was to try new things, well, two birds, one stone.

#1 Yoga Barre

Long lean limbs? Sashay right this way. If your rhythmic ability is less than notable, fear not. This ain’t no regular dance class. It’s all about isolation and controlled movement. You’re likely to discover a new found appreciation for ballerina’s impeccable precision. The Yoga Barre class at YogaBar in Westfield Sydney is ideally located for a lunchtime workout. Small class size, a core workout like no other and blissful post sweat facilities. You’ll be glowing upon returning to the office.

#2 Umbilico

Ever considered running away and joining the circus? Forget the turn of phrase, here’s your chance. Umbilico is a circus class that will have you swinging from the rafters and curling your body like never before. You can take an aerial class or stay firmly planted to the floor, whatever you fancy. But no matter the class you’ll be feeling a burn similarly as electrifying as a Cirque Du Soleil finale. Fusing fun, fitness and circus antics but you need not refer to your instructor as the ring leader.

#3 Ocean Swimming

Diving head first into the great blue yonder sure beats following that black line as you pulse through a never-ending pursuit of laps pool side. OceanFit lets you enjoy this fine sun kissed city in the most invigorating manner. Low weight bearing, core strengthening and all starting from the idyllic shores of Bondi Beach. Deep dive into a new found hobby with this salty endeavour.

#4 Rollerfit

If you’ve watched Whip It one too many times or perhaps find yourself in an era to high tech for your fitness pursuits, take to the rink. Put your sit ups to one side and take a retro approach. Rollerfit at Tempe is a mix of agility, balance, flexibility and endurance as you roll your way around. Learn a new skill and improve your athleticism in a few laps. Once you’ve mastered the beginner basics, the experts at Rollerfit will have you working towards fanciful trips and skating backwards. One for the Tinder bio, that’s for sure.

#5 MMA

Like you fitness with a little more intensity? Or perhaps you need a class that lets you squeeze out tension in a more efficient manner than a puny stress ball. Mixed Martial Arts classes are your ticket to total exhaustion and new found strength. With a focus on technique you’ll find a new discipline beyond just punching away haphazardly. Take a little kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, among other martial art disciplines and taste test the whole world of defensive sport. Our pick is Movement Martial Arts at Macquarie Park, for those residing outside the CBD. You’ll be quite literally fighting fit in no time.

Image source: Movemment Martial Arts, YogaBar, Umbilico, OceanFit, RollerFit. 

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