5 Boujee Airbnb Yachts You Need To Spend A Night In

Whip out those pineapples.

Picture yourself drinking champagne, eating fancy cheese, and taking boujee Instagram pictures on the water for your next weekend getaway. Mmm dreamy. While it may take a lifetime or longer to purchase your own yacht, you can swing a few nights on the water in style through Airbnb. So like, if you’ve been feening a night or two outside of your place, here are a few (very extra) yachts that are worth a night in – if you can round up some rich mates, too.

#1 Luxury Boat With Harbour Views

Sail through the Sydney Harbour in style with up to six mates in this million dollar luxury boat. This ride is sussing out some seriously lux vibes. Taking off in the Sydney Marina, you’ll get to experience the city skyline, Harbour Bridge views, and the company of your friends. It’s $480 a night including a cleaning and service fee, which split between 6 people can be doable. And I mean you’d be staying the night in a boat that costs a million dollars on the Sydney Harbour. Sold.

#2 Romantic Getaway in Manly

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, look no further. This yacht docked in Manly sleeps two, and it’s got serious lovey dovey vibes. If you’re coming up on an anniversary, birthday, or maybe you just want to spend a night away with the one you love, this is a certainly a great option. It’s only about $196 after the cleaning and service fees, which is pretty good for a romantic night in a private yacht. And even though this starts off in Manly, you can sail your way to the Sydney Harbour for some . skyline views.

#3 Beneteau First 45 In Scotland Island

This luxury stay offers more than just an extravagant night on the water. If you’re aiming to free yourself from the rush of the city, spend the weekend one with nature in Scotland Island. This stay encourages snorkelling, kayaking, and paddle boarding. It sleeps two for only $174, which isn’t too bad considering all that comes with it.

#4 Aussie Built Catamaran

This Aussie-made solar powered catamaran makes a great night on the water for the more extravagant eco-loving mates. Take a break from the city rush cruising along the Hawkesbury River in this adorable getaway. This sleeps up to six guests for $768 a night, so you could split the bill with your partner for a fun, private getaway – or round up some buddies.

#5 Sydney Super Yacht

This stay is a serious splurge. So if you can swing it, consider yourself lucky. This Airbnb is for those who won’t settle for anything less than the best things in life. This is so boujee it even has a hot tub and a bar. But all that fabulousness comes at a price. So if you and eight of your close friends have $2,582 to spend on a night out, this is your best bet.

Image Sources: Airbnb.

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