5 Must Do’s At Sydney Festival This Year

Who doesn’t love a good day out and about in the city of Sydney? If you’re keen to embrace the sunny weather, the creative atmosphere and culture, Sydney Festival is putting on a cracker of a time for you all. Sydney festival spans over a three-week period, so naturally there are too many fun times to list. Never fear though, we’ve got a diverse list of events you won’t want to miss to get you started on your quest for good times.

#1 Tree Of Codes

You can see the contemporary ballet, all while listening to Jamie xx (from the xx – obvs) in a unique collaboration that’s been organised for our enjoyment. The show combines visual art, electronic music and a selection of dances that’s sure to enthral you. You could almost think of it as a moving art installation. What makes this even cooler is that you’ll be hearing unreleased music from Jamie xx (yay for exclusivity).

#2 Festival Village And Sideshows

Syd fest is premiering their Ghost Train feature, where you’ll get to live a classic carnival experience through the beauty of virtual reality, all while riding on a train. Created to be another art instillation, you’re in for a bit of a spooky looking time (Halloween – can’t stop, won’t stop). The sideshow has many a feature that will make you want to jump for joy, and low and behold you can at the Glitterbox rave cave and 10 Minute Dance Parties. With these features you’ll be able to boogie to your hearts content (who doesn’t want to be covered in glitter?) Cool down with the inner-city outdoor pools, and belt out your fave songs while riding on a carousel (aptly named Karaoke Carousel, and yes, you get to sit your tush on a plastic horse).

#3 Briefs

Remember how we all frothed over Christina Aguilera bouncing around on stage in the Burlesque movie? Well, lucky you, because now you get to watch more – ‘boylesque’ style. Bearded men (yes, seriously) will be putting on a show involving circus antics, drag (can I get a hell yeah?) and comedy. For those who are also wondering if they’re tanned and in their underwear? You bet they are.

#4 Aquasonic

What’s better than sitting back and watching a band play? Watching a band play, while submerged in massive underwater aquariums, that’s what (all I can think of is Stranger Things). Aquasonic is the product of mass amounts of collaborative research from deep sea divers, scientists and instrument makers, creating the custom-made instruments and singing techniques catered for underwater performance.


This event shows off the combination of theatre and a virtual reality experience, all of which was inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud. As someone who was previously a Psychology major, all I can say is a resounding yas. The basis of this experience was produced from the creators of WHIST and psychoanalysts from the Freud Museum combining their forces, analysing 76 different paths in which a participant could choose to take. Think of it as a massive choose your own adventure.

Image source: Sydney Festival

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