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5 Little Moments That Have Us All Feeling Single AF

So you have finally embraced the fact that you are single AF. And well, it’ll probably stay that way for the time being. You don’t mind living up the single life (not having to share your food OR your bed). However, there isn’t always a light at the end of the tunnel. Certain things in our life still exist solely to remind us that we are single AF. Each and every one of these five instances have left us feeling like shit. Here goes:

Plus Ones

Instead, you’re like, “Can I bring my dog along?” Not the that there’s anything wrong with going to a wedding alone, really, you don’t mind. But then there’s the dreaded awks moment where you RSVP for the wedding but decline the plus one option. Maybe they won’t notice it…you think wishfully.

Every Family Event

Whether it’s a BBQ for your cousin;s birthday or celebrating Christmas, you dread rocking up to any family event alone. Your grandma’s constantly questioning “why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” While your pesky little cousins are over in the corner with their new 5 minute high-school fling. Ugh, does it ever end…?

After every event you find yourself promising to score a S/O before the next one rolls around (or at least anyone) just so you don’t have to face the embarrassment and 21 questions ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

Recipes For Two Servings

You finally decide to ditch the cheap heat-up meals and cook yourself a proper meal. You search for some potential dinner ideas, which all makes enough food for you and your partner… that partner you don’t have one, that is. Even is single shaming us. How hard is it to make SINGLE serve meals?

Well, at least you get some leftovers I guess.

Your Bestie Gets A S/O

Noooooo.. This has got to be the hands down worst of them all. If you thought being single was bad enough, this just about tops it off. Your O.G has betrayed you and left you to fight this dark journey SOLO. Goodbye good friend, the good times spent together will be missed. R.I.P.

You Haven’t Shaved For Months

You glance down at your naked body. Shit. You think to yourself, “when was the last time I did some manscaping?” It’s THAT bad. To be fair, we did just come out of winter. But you honestly cannot remember the last time it was since you’ve been hairless. That is how long it’s been. I guess why start now? 

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