5 Reasons Why The Gold Coast Colour Run Could Be The Biggest Event Of 2018

Muchos fun.

As we inch towards the end of the year (seriously, we only have four full months till 2019, let that sink in for a sec), we also dream about countless summer days, festivals and rooftop Sunday sessions.

And with that we get the return of The Color Run for 2018 – meaning good vibes are well on their way to us. And while the event has become a staple calendar event worldwide, the first run, in the Gold Coast on August 19th (tickets on sale now) could well be the biggest event – and party – of the year.

So go and find some activewear, because here are a few sneaky reasons why you definitely don’t want to miss out on this festival of fun.

#1 It’s An Unofficial Goodbye To Winter

I don’t know about you, but slowly and surely that summer sun is starting to peak its head from the clouds. Fewer blankets are needed for bed, and the heater (if you can afford that luxury) isn’t as required anymore. And with The Color Run Gold Coast edition simply days away, it’s a definite farewell to the colder months. We still technically have a few weeks left of ‘winter’, but who is going to blame us for celebrating a few weeks early?

Set on the beachfront Great Lawn in the Broadwater Parklands, you’ll be soaking in nothing but sun. Add in your mates, plus a bunch of new friends you’ll be sure to meet on the day, and you wont need to be as envious of your mates in Europe right now.

#2 It’s Freaking Superhero-Themed

It’s all the rage on the big screen these days, but you’ll actually get some real-life superhero vibes at The Color Run this year. They’ve legit themed the entire course with all your nostalgic superhero feels, including a Super Zone which is all of our inner-nine-year-olds dream (you’ll need to suss it out in person, I honestly can’t do it justice).

God knows we also never need a reason to get into costume, and the recent cinema Marvel and DC buzz should mean inspiration is at an all time high. Bonus points if you go as someone other than the Margot-Robbie-inspired Harley Quinn.

#3 You’ll Be Supporting Sick Kids

It’s guaranteed to be a pretty fun and happy day for you, but we know all too well about the young kids out there who aren’t as lucky as us. So the Starlight Foundation has teamed up with The Color Run in the GC (as well as all other cities), to help raise money for those young legends doing it a bit tough. You can raise money to do the run, or even just donate at the event itself.

Go from superhero, to actual hero. Check out all the details about how you can get involved here.

#4 Party Party

Of course The Color Run itself is just part of it, as the day finishes with a huuuuuge festival-esque kick on. Think DJs, bangers for days and colour throws every few minutes with all your mates. They literally call it the Festival Village, so that gives you a rough idea how big this party is. If you’ve never been before it’s just the perfect way to round off a fab day. And god knows your Insta and Snapchat will be in overdrive.

Add the superhero theme in this year, and well, it’s bound to be a MARVEL-OUS time (I’ll see myself out, kbye).

#5 It’s Perf For Reigniting The Mates

Ultimately, with all the above said, it really comes down to having a damn memorable day with your friends, family, and people who mean a lot to you. Maybe it’s that group of uni mates you haven’t seen for a while? A bunch of the footy lads you just finished the season with? Maybe your very best friends? Perhaps you take mum out? It’s an event that is made for an amazingly fun and happy day out, and let’s be honest, it’s always better when you can share the experience with your favourites.

Whoever you do end up going with, you’re sure to reignite some laughs, chats and good times throughout.

Keen to get your colour on this year? With tickets only costing $42 when you register a team of four or more, 2018’s Gold Coast Color Run is bound to provide a tonne of fab vibes without the cocktail price tag. Not only that, but you can use the code 5WHY15 when buying your ticket to get 15% off! But get moving, this cheeky offer finishes at 11:59pm on Friday August 10th.  Grab your ticket right here.

Image Source: The Color Run

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