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5 Signs Your First Date Should Really Be The Last

Abort immediately.

Hello. This is just a friendly reminder that you have complete and total control over your dating life and can opt out of a companionship at any time. Bonus: there is no cancelation fee and you are not entitled to feel any post-first-date guilt if you decide to opt out (even when it’s early days).

Great. Now you’ve read the disclaimer and we’ve re-affirmed that you are in fact an entirely liberated little love bird, we can get down to some serious business. ‘Serious business’ sounds a little OTT and frankly a bit over-analytical of me but don’t be fooled. When first dates don’t exactly go to plan, identifying the signs that you should cut ya ties is serious business. Emotions and feelings are at stake, hearts can be broken, hopes and dreams can be crushed.

Fear not my fellow love birds, here’s all the signs your first date should really be your last.

#1 It’s a spark-less interaction

The spark. Oh the Holy spark. This is the chemically charged urge you feel to discover more about your date, to read between the lines, to hopefully uncover more of what had you interested in the first place. If there is no imaginary hook line and sinker that’s pulling you in for more it’s probably best to cut ya losses early.

#2 There’s no urge for post-date communication

We either anticipate it, dread it, or simply don’t even think to send it. Number one tip with this one is to simply just recognise your emotions. The opposite scenario to biting your nails in a nervous panic as you await a follow up text is simply not even thinking you’ll receive one at all. If you’ve left your date and have no intention to initiate further convo or you’re genuinely surprised when your date chucks you a text back, it’s probably best to let this little interaction fade into the past.

#3 You’re stressing you owe them something

If you’re starting to imagine what kind of intimate interactions are going to go down after the date and you’re totally into it then – great, go for gold! Opposite situation is that you start to stress you owe your date something simply because they freed up a slot in their schedule to fit you in. This is a pretty hefty indication there’s not a whole lot of attraction between you two. Don’t do anything out of pity for your date, you don’t owe them a damn thing.

#4 Post-date activities come to mind

*Smiling politely on the outside, mentally browsing through your list of saved Netflix shows on the inside*. If the conversation doesn’t keep you on your toes and your mind has wandered to another place, there’s a big fat chance you’re just not into them. If your post-date plans don’t involve anyone but weirdly handsome serial killers or Marie Kondo and you’re over the moon about it, this may just be a little hint that you’re actually subconsciously wishing the date would wrap up.

#5 Conversation balance is one-sided

If you’re not firing questions back to your date then the convo can end up becoming pretty one-sided. Tbh it’s probably down to the fact that you’re not actually that interested in hearing about their soul-searching voyage through Colombia or whatever they’re rambling on about in the hope to impress you. You’re not impressed, you’re bored and the convo ends up revolving around you, other people or simply just anything/anyone else that isn’t your date. Honey, the boat has sailed so hop on and yell adios because this date is a dud.


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