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Essential Safety Measures If You’re Going HAM At Your Next Festival

Rule #1, don’t be a wanker.

Maybe you’re a festival veteran, maybe you’re about to just start your festival journey through the years. Either way, with festivals a key part of the Aussie music calendar, it’s never too late for a crash course on having a good (and safe) time.

With a ton of festivals happening around the country – from Splendour, to Listen Out, to the Big Pineapple Music Festival, and everything in between – there’s no shortage of good times to be had.

But after spending hundreds (thousands even) on tickets, and when your pre-drinks wear off by early afternoon (and you see the line for the priciest makeshift bar you’ve ever seen), you may (or may not) turn to some special sauce to amp up the good vibes.

How many music festivals do you go to a year?

Now, we really don’t need to give politicians another reason to dampen our good festival vibes. So we’ve teamed up with headspace to bring you our Ultimate Festival Guide, and have put together some tips you can use to ensure your festival fun times goes off without a hitch.

#1 Have A Game Plan, Share It Around

Don’t go in blind.

No, not like that. I mean go in with a solid idea of what you’re going to do. Make sure everyone’s across where you’re going, who you’re going with (and stick with them), and where you’re all supposed to meet at certain times.

That doesn’t mean wait at the back of the side stage mosh – that’ll never work (especially after a big day). Try to pick and decide on specific, easily accessible, and memorable landmarks that everyone can remember: try the medical tents, info booths, merch stands, or even the bins, tents, or trees (if there are any) near the entrance.

Lock it in early, make sure everyone knows, and don’t forget to check in throughout the night.

#2 Buddy Up

If you’re going with a big group, you’re bound to get lost at some point. I don’t make the festival rules, that’s just how it is.

You need to make sure, especially if you’re going to be going HAM, that you’re with a friend (or friends) who aren’t. This is especially important if you’re a festival freshie, or it’s your first time experimenting with substances.

Make sure you’ve got a pal with festival experience, won’t be hitting the bevvies as hard, or someone who is renowned for keeping everyone in order – think the person who sits in the front seat of the Uber and talks calmly to the driver even after a few drinks.

#3 Sip Smart (And Don’t Skip On Water)

Keep an eye on your beverages (alcoholic or not). Don’t accept any opened bottles or cups from people you don’t know or trust. Or, better yet, if you want a drink, buy and pour your own.

By that same note, make sure you keep your water levels up. This is especially important when you’ll be dancing, singing, waiting in line for the bathroom, and running around the grassy hills all day. Take a water bottle – check if the festival has any bottle requirements – and sip smart.

#4 Charge Up Properly

Your phone always dies when you need it the most. Especially if you don’t charge it properly the night before. What are you going to use to contact your pals when you’re planning the meet up? Smoke signals? Homing pigeons? I don’t think so. Charge your phone, and use it wisely (on low-battery mode, or airplane mode etc).

The same goes for your body.

If you don’t give yourself the right amount or type of fuel, you’ll never make it through the day. Have a filling, nutritious breakfast the morning of – a big bowl of cereal, some toast, fruit, eggs, bacon, stuff from as many food groups as possible. And if you check the food restrictions of your particular festival (if they have any), you should pack some food to take in with you to nosh on throughout the day: more fruit, veggies, a good old museli bar, some Shapes.

Load up early, because there’s no way you’ll be lining up while the headliner’s performing on the main-stage. There’s never been a more advised time for a solid amount of nuggets or dirty bird to be consumed.

#5 Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Bum Bag

They’re back, baby. Everyone at Coachella was wearing one which means they’re a festival fashion staple. But don’t underestimate their power as an incredibly practical took for keeping your life in order.

Not only are they #FASHUNDARLING, they’re great for stashing your keys, ID, money, tickets, phone and chargers, snacks, gum or mints, and any medication or first-aid and hygiene needs (band-aids are a necessity).

The bottom line is: be prepared. Even if you don’t know everything, have a rough idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t push your limits, and make sure that you’re still looking out for your buddies just as they are looking out for you.

If you’ve got a big festival melter coming up, make sure you’ve got all the essentials sorted. If you aren’t sure about anything, check out headspace’s festival’s page for all of the tips and tricks to have the best time at your next festy. Be safe, have fun, and – most importantly – make sure you get that fab candid for the ‘gram, obvs.

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