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5 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day As A Single Pringle

Because screw you coupled up lovebirds.

It comes around every year—that horrible reminder of the relationship status you’ve tried so hard to forget. If the rose bouquets and candy hearts have you feeling down, check out these five strategies for surviving February 14th as a single pringle. Who knows? You may have more fun than the couples.

#1 Try A Non-Traditional Date

The funny thing about single pringles? Like the crisps in a can, there’s always more than one. And since sitting home alone sulking about your singleness won’t accomplish much, why not try a different kind of dating experience?

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to meet other cool, single people in your area. Meetup groups often offer speed-dating and mingling opportunities for singles, especially around the holidays. You could also check out different dating sites in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Many of them offer discounts and free trials as the big day rolls around.

#2 Focus On Friendships

Who says Valentine’s Day is for the romantics? Rally up your other single friends for some V-Day adventures! You can go out dancing, eat at your favourite restaurant, or sing some karaoke. If staying in is more your style, try hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Binge watch your favourite shows, play some board games, and make fun of all your married friends.

Being single does not exclude you from having fun—it increases your chances. Whatever you and your mates decide to do, be sure to appreciate the quality time with the people who matter most. After all, there are many kinds of true love.

#3 Volunteer For A Cause

There are many people for whom Valentine’s Day is just another struggle to survive. Instead of focusing on your own loneliness and sadness, try out some of these volunteer ideas. Call your local school and see if any classrooms need volunteers for their Valentine’s Day parties. Drop off V-Day treats and valentines to your local homeless shelter or children’s hospital. Volunteer in a soup kitchen or food pantry.

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean the world stops being harsh to people in need. You can use your singleness as an opportunity to make February 14th just a bit brighter for someone else. Who knows? You may cheer up yourself in the process.

#4 Treat Yourself

Contemporary society makes it seem like spending time alone is such a horrible crime, especially on Valentine’s Day. Reject the social norm by treating yourself to a nice evening filled with things you want to do. Go to your favourite restaurant, or try that new one on the corner. Book a mini-vacation or sign up for a class. Go to the spa, or buy yourself something special. The opportunities are endless! After all, the beauty of being a single pringle is that you don’t have to compromise for someone else’s Valentine’s Day wishes.

#5 Own It!

Being single does not mean you have to feel ashamed or alone. Instead, take this opportunity to truly own your singleness. Make a list of all the special opportunities you have because you are single. Look at everything you have to be grateful for, and think about some goals for the future.

Whatever happens on February 14th, don’t let the day get you down. A hallmark holiday designed to sell stuff isn’t worth feeling blue over! Besides, who knows? It could be your last Valentine’s Day flying solo. You might as well enjoy it.

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