5 Unusual Cuisines You Need To Try

Deciding what to eat on any given evening is a mission in itself. You’re quite likely to end up questioning your existence and finding an existential answer before choosing what to put on your plate. We’re bombarded with options but have you ever really stepped out of your usual global tasting routine? Italian, Chinese, maybe Mexican or for the more adventurous Greek, Malaysian perhaps even a little South African flair. Feel like going beyond the run of the mill in bites? We got you. Here’s where to try food on the harder to find end of the scale. Happy eating.

#1 Maori

Perhaps you’ve ventured to the our island neighbour, but ended up eating just like you did at home. With the exception of seeking out fish and chips shops for the accent in peak form as often as you could. If you didn’t taste Maori food, you missed out. A culture so celebrated both North and South, the food is as culturally engrained. You can taste see how the flavour was carried from generation down, with each bit packed to the brim with taste points. Maori is just an overarching term when it comes to food, with each region offering something special. Our pick is the new travelling band of bites, Hangi Boys in Melbourne for a Kiwi feed. Think fried bread, meats buried under scorching volcanic rock and kumara everywhere.

#2 Burmese

Curry wafts in the air and the streets of Myanmar feel a little closer, Burmese food will warm your soul with each mouthful. Rice holds centre on the plate, with a host of intriguing flavours needing a little balance from the staple grain. Think pickled tea leaf salad, frittered sides and an overflow of soup. Head to Sun’s Burmese Kitchen in Sydney for a meal to remember.

#3 Yemeni

Given current unrest in the country, travelling to Yemen for a taste is out of the question. But Yemeni food is truly delicious and worth seeking out, a little off the beaten track. Think doughy bread providing the base plate served with a whole range of earthy topics, pureed tomato, white cheese, boiled egg, zatar, fried onions and lashings of olive oil. Make sure you try the zhug too, a mix of coriander, chilli, garlic, olive oil and spices. Our pick for a serving of the traditional offering is Yaman Catering in the Byron Bay region.

#4 Ethiopian

Try the North West African food for a fusion of flavours you’re sure to love. Pancake like bread dipped into stews and piled with sides. There are no utensils at this table, instead your bread is the scoop, delivering deliciousness without interference. There’s a mix of meat and vegetarian dishes, but we recommend trying a bit of both. The Abyssinian in Melbourne is the perfect spot to dip your bread into the stew for the first time and for the adventurous eaters why not try the combination and leave the meal up to the chef’s choice.

#5 Croatian

The Balkan delicacy is a little more accessible, thanks to a burgeoning community of Croatians all around Australia. Depending on the region you may get to taste seafood heavy dishes or devour hearty meat dishes. Like many Eastern European cuisines it’s a cabbage and potato heavy offering, but that’s certainly nothing to complain about. We recommend Dalmatino in Melbourne for a Croatian feast.

Image source: The Music, The Sydney Noob, The Star, Groupon, Smudge Eats.

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