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Afterpay Is Now Available On Ebay Just To Test Your Iso-Retail Therapy Addiction Even More


In some news which may not actually help in the long run, finance giants (I think it’s fair to say that now), Afterpay have officially partnered with eBay to really test your online shopping addictions.

I mean if you weren’t already lacking some serious cash in the bank, this should really push your limits. And look, if you’re good with your finances, this is pretty welcome news.

Afterpay ultimately does bring a certain level of convenience to our lives, and arguably most of us have made bought something on Afterpay when our bank account really doesn’t support it. And with shifts across many industries being cut like crazy of late – it’s maybe an extra temptation we don’t need while bingeing our lives away at home.

However, this new Afterpay option is officially available at the checkout on eBay from today, and it does give about 40,000 Australian small and medium sized businesses access to Afterpay. So hopefully those small brands can drive a few more sales in an increasingly tough time.

The partnership with eBay will also respond to an apparent growing customer demand for Afterpay to be made available for everyday essentials. Think toothbrushes, toilet paper, Tiger King memorabilia, you get it.

eBay data also revealed that sales of computer monitors have seen an increase of 182%, dumbbells by 854% – for all of those home offices and gyms. All you budding Picassos out there are represented too, with a 3,746% increase in paint sales! Honestly time to start a paint production business in this obvious time of need.

Be responsible out there, friends. If you’re struggling cash wise, maybe put this on pause. But if you’re feeling comfortable, go ahead and get that retail therapy.

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