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All The True Crime You Absolutely NEED To Be On Top Of RN

The best true crime movies, tv shows, books and podcasts atm.

For all you weirdos who are strangely obsessed with reading, watching and/or listening to true crime, these past few months have KILLED (no pun intended) the game. It was an impossible task to choose the top 3 true crime shows to watch rn because Netflix have been pumping out some doozies recently! Anyway, if you aren’t already – here’s a list of all the true crime you absolutely NEED to be across right now. (Don’t @ me if you get nightmares.)


#1. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Okay, I couldn’t start a true crime list without this incredible piece of film mastery. This Tarantino film is loosely based on the Manson family murders of Sharon Tate and five other victims in 1969. While the storyline doesn’t perfectly match up with what actually happened, there are still elements of truth to it. And lots of gore, as to be expected from Tarantino. Queue the blood bath.

#2. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile 


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This true crime film depiction of serial killer Ted Bundy’s life, was probably one of the most buzzy Netflix films of the year. Zac Efron’s portrayal of the killer welcomed a lot of controversy suggesting the film was “romanticising” Bundy. But regardless, the movie matches the real life timeline almost perfectly and if you haven’t seen this one yet WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?


#1. Unbelievable 


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This new Netflix series is hands down the best true crime show I have watched all year. The story follows a young women who is charged with lying about having been raped. Two detectives played by Tony Colette and Merritt Weaver, based on real women, attempt to capture the serial rapist moving across America. The series is so fascinating but highly disturbing. I found myself double checking the door was locked every night after finishing this show.

#2. Mindhunter 

Huge YAY because Netflix just debuted season two of this fan favourite. This show follows two FBI agents attempting to capture and study the most gruesome of serial killers. Infamous real life killers such as Ed Kemper, Richard Speck and Tex Watson are portrayed in the show. If you google image search photos and research each murderer, you will be amazed at the level of detail that goes into this show. (Amazed, and maybe super creeped out…)

#3. The Act


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This true crime series produced for Hulu sadly isn’t available on Netflix or Stan but you can stream it on Foxtel Now. The story follows the infamous case of mother and daughter Dee Dee and Gyspy Rose Blanchard. The show gives light to Munchausen By Proxy syndrome in which the caregiver concocts a false narrative of illness upon the child. This one is based on such a weird, creepy story that you can’t really believe it actually happened. (Munchausen By Proxy syndrome is also a theme in Netflix’s new The Politician, if you’re still interested.)


#1. Burned: A Story Of Murder And The Crime That Wasn’t by Edward Humes 

This true crime book was published in January, but arguably remains the best of 2019 so far. The story follows mother Jo Anne Parks, who is sentenced to life in prison after her three children die in a house fire of which she escapes. Decades later, California Innocence Project seek her exoneration after new discoveries allude to her innocence. (Like a more chilled version of Making A Murderer…)

#2. Savage Appetites: Four True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession by Rachel Monroe


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This non fiction masterpiece examines why we are drawn to the celebrity of true crime and what it is about women in particular that causes them to be so obsessed with heinous murders. This isn’t a light read but it’s a real eye opener and an interesting conversation starter. **Pretentiously screams facts at people in the club.**


#1. The Clearing

Best. Podcast. Ever! I cannot recommend this one enough. This Pineapple Street Media eight part production follows the story of April Balascio (who actually features in the podcast) who feared for decades that her father Ed Edwards was behind a series of murders. The story unravels as she eventually shares her suspicions with a detective. Trust me, you wont want your morning commute to ever be over!

#2. And That’s Why We Drink 


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An old fan favourite but I had to include it. The podcast is hosted by friends Christine Schiefer, Em Schulz who drink together and discuss the paranormal and true crime. The best, most gruesome and spine chilling, yet unbelievably funny weekly true crime podcast out there. By far!

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