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August Alsina Just Dropped ‘Entanglements’ And, Yep, He Spills So Much Jada Pinkett Smith Tea

August Alsina, the guy in the middle of the Jada Pinkett Smith / Will Smith affair drama, dropped a very cheeky single that’s a not-so-subtle swipe at their viral Red Table Talk.

The 27 year old rapper released the track (featuring rapper Rick Ross) at the weekend, sending jaws to the floor with its lyrics and title. He really didn’t hold back.

“The definition of entanglement (No, oh-woah, oh, oh) / It’s when you tangled in the sheets (Yeah, yeah),” Alsina sings.

“Girl I know that we don’t call it a relationship (No, oh, oh) / But you still f***in’ with me (Oh), yeah (Yeah)”.

The reference is too obvious to deny. An ‘entanglement’ is exactly how Pinkett-Smith described their affair on the recent Red Table Talk episode in which she and husband Will Smith addressed the complicated relationship.

In the episode, Pinkett Smith admitted that what was formerly a friendly relationship with Alsina – one that “started with him just needing some help” with his health and mental state – became an “entanglement” when she and Will decided to split.

The comment caused quite a stir for Pinkett Smith trying to downplay the relationship with Alsina, and Will pressing her to call it what it was: “a relationship”.

“Yes, it was a relationship, absolutely. I was in a lot of pain and I was very broken,” Pinkett Smith said.

“Now in the process of that relationship I definitely realised that you can’t find happiness outside of yourself.”

She also copped some fire for justifying the relationship with Alsina as an effort to “fix” and “help” the young rapper (who, btw, was introduced to her as friend of her son, Jaden).

“That idea of needing to fix, being drawn to people that need help. Whether it’s your health or whether it’s your addictions, there’s something about that childhood trauma that feels as though it can be fixed through fixing people, versus fixing me.”

Whatever that’s supposed to mean, Jada. But I digress.

Alsina’s new song ‘Entanglements’ was written by Derrick Milano but, even so, it still takes some surefire shots at Pinkett Smith for her role in the affair. It also takes a swing at Will.

He sings, “That ain’t my girl, but I got the key to the crib and to the car” and “You left your man just to f*** with me and break his heart” reside on the rocky anthem. 


Take a listen for yourself, and try to keep your jaw off the floor.

He really doesn’t hold back – and is it wrong for me to say that this is actually kind of a bop?

Image Sources:  Facebook (Red Table Talk), Instagram (@augustalsina)

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