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Baby Jabba Is Disgusting. Disgustingly Cute (Sorry Baby Yoda)

So squishy – but still a murderer.

When Baby Yoda came to our screens, the world fell in love. But it seems that the Benjamin Button-ing of Star Wars characters has only just begun. Introducing: Baby Jabba.

As in Jabba the Hutt, the powerful gangster (and stinking, slimy, slobbering mess) of Tattooine’s criminal underworld and beyond.

But his sinister future didn’t stop Italian artist Leonardo Viti from creating a 3D-rendition of the villainous worm which made its debut on Reddit. As he said himself: “I could not resist”


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Sorry guys I could not resist… Baby Jabba! Could this be the new star in @themandalorian? Or maybe someone else…? I’m open to suggestions! Let me know in the comments 👇 For more swipe 👈 or go to

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And I, like the rest of the internet, can’t decide if this thing is cute as hell or really fkn creepy.

Is he a lizard that ate a bowling ball? A weird alien baby version of the cterpillar from A Bugs Life? The baby from Dinosaurs? Does that mean it’s cute? Am I allowed to love it if it becomes really fkn evil and straight-up yuck?

But this Baby Jabba isn’t the first time we’ve seen a mini Hutt. If we throw it back to the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, we should remember Jabba’s infant son,  Rotta (A.K.A. Stinky). And that little guy was decidedly more grotesque (albeit, a probably closer relation) to the mobster than this Baby Jabba 2.0 is.

It’s likely that there are going to be more baby versions of your fave Star Wars characters on the way, for better or worse. But I doubt that anyone will dethrone the almighty, eternally cute Baby Yoda.

Image Sources: Instagram (@leovitiart), Disney+ (The Mandalorian)

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