Can We Stop Talking About Game Of Thrones Now?

To paraphrase that one kid from School of Rock – It’s tacky and I hate it.

People love fandom. They love to dig their teeth into things and refuse to let go. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. All perfect examples of things that won’t die. But one of the biggest and seemingly most iconic fandoms of the last 20 years has easily become Game of Thrones.

But now, it’s done. Over. Finished. And thank fuck for that. This is not a particularly hot take, there are plenty who share this opinion. But holy shit okay, let’s drop it now. You’ve had your dragons, your violence, your classic HBO nudity and sex. It’s time to let it go.


And I understand that the books aren’t finished. So naturally, there’s going to be a bit more hype once George R. R. Martin finally releases the next one. And look, with now eight years since the last release, fans of the book series will be rightfully psyched. But I will eat my goddamn hat if you try to tell me that all of the people who froth the show have also read all the books. So the level of psyche had better be way smaller, or Imma be mad.

Scrap the petitions for a season eight reshoot. Leave it all alone. I may just start my own petition to put in place an embargo on all things Thrones related. It pains me to be adding to this discussion.


And I mean honestly, was it really that good?

Even diehard fans of G*** of T****** have said that, at a minimum, the last two seasons of the show have been trash. So, like pretty much anyone with an interesting storyline, can we please, finally, let it die?

Friends of Game of Thrones. Please. I implore you to drop it. Mourn your imaginary deaths. Be angry that Bran is the king. Whatever. But please god, stop. I feel like I’ve developed a twitch every time I hear, see or read the title of the show.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


Image Source: HBO, GIPHY

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