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Double Bachelorette Could Be Hitting Ya Screens And Honestly I’m Here For It

They say girls do everything in pairs. We like our friends and like to be with them. ALL. THE. TIME. Well, this has never seemed more true than just this morning when we were dropped this bomb. According to an insider, after the absolute shit storm that was the Honey Badger’s finale, double dumpees Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley are set to both take on the roll as Bachelorette in the coming season.

You read that right folks, two ladies, a couple’a blokes, and a whole lot of drama.


After Ali Oetjen’s recent series was a total flop, it makes sense that Channel 10 execs would be scrambling for the next big thing. And a double Bachelorette is sure to get some tongues wagging, in more ways than one.

Apparently, Channel 10 had hopes of casting Brooke Blurton as the first bisexual Bachelorette. With both guys and gals vying for her heart in the potential series, it was sure to be a smash. But after Brooke accepted a position on Bachelor in Paradise, Channel 10s hopes were dashed. So, they had to come up with an alternative.

Enter the two broken hearts left in the wake of the shit storm that was the Honey Badger’s finale.

“Instead of just one girl handing out the roses, they figured why not get both of them in the mansion and have a double Bachelorette.


After the double dumping of Soph and Britt at the hands of ol’ Bachie Badge, the girls were quick to speak out for their support of one another. With no bad blood, and a couple girls trips to the Hunter Valley under their belts, they’re pretty perfect candidates for this alleged new direction.

“They’re already best friends – and have dated the same guy once before and were able to respect that and make it work. So it’s easy for them to do it again, this time with a whole batch of boys.”

So let me get this right. Straying from the classic formula of one hot person dating a bunch of other hot people, now we’re talking about TWO hot people co-dating a bunch of other hot people? Just me or does this feel a little perverse?

I mean no judgement, but like, really? We already have the tropical orgy that is Bachelor in Paradise. Do we need another brand of spit swapping on our TVs?

Don’t get me wrong though. If this all goes ahead, I’ll totally be tuning in.


Image source: Channel 10

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