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Release The Ninjas! Old Mate Scott Tweedie Rumoured For Bachie 2019

Remember watching Prank Patrol on the ABC after school and feeling your heart skip a beat when Scotty Tweedie released the ninjas? No..? Just me. Okay, well at any rate, get ready to feel it now.

After The Badger’s very okay season of The Bachelor, Channel 10 are already in the midst of casting their new heartthrob. Enter The Loop cohost and past Prank Patroller of our dreams, Scott Tweedie. Allegedly, after finding out the total spunk recently broke up with his girlfriend, Channel 10 execs jumped on the poor lad.


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After meeting Trevor, I’m actually very keen to walk dogs for free over summer. If your pooch needs to hit the pavement, please hit me up: (02) 9650 0921

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The ABC Kids alumn has been caught up in the rumours overnight and I am so on board. While it’s all yet to be confirmed, Babe Town native Tweedie has been seen kicking it with past bachie, Matty J. And as a confirmed sweetheart and national treasure in our hearts, I’ve gotta say, there’s been worse suggestions.

Ozzy Twitter is very on board from the looks of it, with plenty of people weighing in on the rumours.

At any rate, I’m hoping Scotty does jump on the bachie train to Lovesville, and will 100% be tuning in.

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