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Gelatissimo Wants To Pay Ya 500 Bucks To Taste Test Their Gelato, So Um Get Moving

Imagine getting paid to eat ice cream.

Are you an avid dessert eater? Do you know the difference between low carb, low sugar, low fat, dairy-free and soy-based gelato? Well then boy do I have a sweet deal for you.

Cancel your dentist appointment and check out the latest scoop – Gelatissimo are lookin’ to hire someone to taste test their Deluxe range. Oh, and they’ll sling ya 500 bucks cold hard cash for your troubles.

Gelatissimo have always been at the forefront of funky, drool-worthy experimental gelato, most recently dropping the two new Deluxe flavours Luscious Lemon Meringue and Chunky New York Cheesecake.

Yeah. I unbuttoned my pants just thinking about those flavours.

Right now, they’re looking to review their delicious Deluxe range, to see which ones should go, which ones should stay, and what else they could bring to the table.

AND they’re looking to pay their dream taste tester too. Like, for the half day you’re there you’ll get a whopping $125 per hour. Ummmm, hire me pls.

I would gobble this up in its entirety for free, imagine actually getting paid??

They’ve put up the application here and boy does this look fucking lit.

The Gelatissimo Testing Rules

The directions on the application are pretty direct, so that you get the best experience possible (not that you could ever go wrong with gelato, right?). These are the rules Gelatissimo put up:

1. “Make sure you’re in an environment with minimal distractions. Gelato tasting is serious business, so the sensory tasting needs to be as true and unbiased as possible.

2. Taste with your eyes. Is the appearance of the gelato visually appealing? If so, that’s a great start.

3. Next is the fun bit, the actual tasting. Taste from a spoon turned upside down and place the gelato directly onto your tongue to make sure you’re using all 10,000 of your trusty taste buds.

4. While you’re there, why don’t you take another spoonful (how can you resist?) and this time think about the texture. Gelato is known to be smooth and creamy, so make sure that requirement is met.

5. Have a cup of water nearby to rinse out your mouth between flavours, and then start again!

6. Your tongue and taste buds must be prepared for the job. The day before, please minimise caffeine, chilli and particularly hot food to ensure your palate is cleansed and your taste buds are undamaged. Please have a small breakfast to ensure your taste buds are at their most receptive. You’ll leave full, don’t worry.”

So, what’re you waiting for?! The taste-test day will happen on Friday 27 September at the Gelatissimo Sydney office in Rydalmere, so you’ve only got a couple of weeks to apply!

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