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Gladys In The Sin Bin As Festivals Prepare To Take Legal Action

Well guys. It’s been four days since NSW’s Liberal State Government put in action their new festival “safety regulations”. In response to this, a coalition of festivals have decided to join forces. Deciding to take action against the restrictive measures, they’re gonna take Gladys and her band of party poopers to court.

Following the release of the now infamous “higher risk” list, the festivals named have decided to take action. The 14 festivals, which include Laneway, Lost Paradise and Days Like This, have decided on this move as the new licensing scheme has negatively impacted all involved with the festivals.

In a statement released by the group, they called out the list and it’s damaging effect on the music community. “It is a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction from the State that has caused severe damage to the festivals, our hard-working staff, and the hundreds of thousands of responsible attendees.”

Wholesome kids having wholesome fun at Laneway


There was a real opportunity here for the NSW Government to consult with an industry that generates over $1.8b a year in revenue to come up with ways we could potentially improve safety at festivals… Instead they have chosen to vilify 14 individual festivals without any discussion,” said Days Like This representative Jason Ayoubi. 

In what’s turning out to be typical Lib style, a spokesperson has made no real attempt to address the claims. Instead opting to continue the story of “good vs bad” festivals. “Most operators, including operators of higher risk festivals, are committed to safety and work hard to do the right thing.” said the rep.

While the NSW State government insists on this tactic, there’s no solution on the horizon. With this coming court case, we may be able to finally show the government that festivals won’t back down. If the NSW festival culture can band together and take a stand, there may be hope.

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