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Here Are The BEST Twitter Reactions To Tati Starting Dramageddon III

The tea is especially hot today

The Beauty Community is a mess rn, so good luck to anyone trying to make sense of it. For those of you who aren’t aware, we’re living through Dramageddon III right now – or at least that’s the general consensus on Twitter.

Dramageddon kicked off in 2018 after beauty YouTubers, Laura Lee and Manny MUA were cancelled when racist tweets of theirs were exposed.

This was then followed by Dramageddon II in May last year, when beauty vlogger, Tati Westbrook, posted her infamous “Bye Sister” video on YouTube. In it, she called out fellow makeup guru and protégé, James Charles, for his super problematic antics. If you want more info, read up on Dramageddon I and II here, cause it’s a lot.

Since then, even more shit has gone down:

Tati has copped a heap of abuse online; James Charles lost three million subscribers in 24 hours; Jeffree Star inserted himself into the narrative with some Tweets, calling Charles a “danger to society” and a “predator”; and somehow Shane Dawson is involved too?

Oh and so is Trisha Paytas? Can someone create one of those investigation boards so that I can see how all of these people are involved? Kthx.

Strap Yourselves In For Dramageddon III, Folks

Tati, James, and Jeffree’s videos all received millions of views each. Everyone wanted to know the tea. I’ll be honest, I watched all of their videos last year because I love drama on YouTube, but then kinda forgot that it all happened.

A lot of names have been tossed around for this latest instalment of drama. Some people on Twitter we’re now in Dramageddon II, others say Dramageddon III. And I’ve also seen Karmageddon and Sistergeddon getting traction too. So you’re forgiven if you’re a tad lost, cause honestly same

Early this morning, Tati posted a follow up video to the drama from last year called “Breaking My Silence”, and BOY OH BOY was it a lot. Watch it for yourself here, but be prepared: it goes for 40 minutes and there’s a lot of tears and looking off into the distance. Get the popcorn ready, friends.

Twitter Is SAVAGE But I’m Here For It

I’m still over here trying to unpack it all, which is super difficult to do now that Tati has removed her original video from last year. But in the meantime, Twitter has delivered the goods. Here are some of the best Twitter reacts to Dramageddon part III.

Image Source: Instagram (Jeffree Star @jeffreestar, Shane Dawson @shanedawson, Tati Westbrook @glamlifeguru)

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