How Is Our Gov Spending $270 BILLION On Missiles When We Are Literally In An Economic Crisis With Mass Unemployment

Just, why???

$270 billion for weapons seems like a bad idea when you remember we’re amidst the greatest economic crisis since the Depression, currently dealing with record-levels of mass unemployment and huge university and educating funding cuts.

Can someone please explain to me how our government thinks that $270 BILLION is a reasonable amount to invest into weapons right now? In a time where we are in the biggest economic crisis since the Depression? In a time where unemployment has sky-rocketed due to the rona, and people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet?

Can we talk about how the government wasn’t willing to give even a third of this in aid to bushfire victims, yet it can afford ridiculous weapons that we don’t even need?

What about the attacks on university and education? Or the ABC funding cuts? Or the cuts to Indigenous funds and welfare?

The point I’m trying to make is, our government has been mismanaging our money for ages, and it’s nothing new – but the blatant AUDACITY to piss away so much money in a time of great need is quite frankly, insulting.

In February this year, an ACOSS report revealed that 1 in 8 adults in Australia are living below the poverty line – and over 1in 6 children.

The results were damning, placing Australia as a wealthy nation yet with above average poverty levels.

Our welfare payments are pretty shit when relative to poverty, too – according to the report, Aussie welfare payments are actually below the poverty line.

“The single rate of Youth Allowance (plus Rent Assistance and Energy Supplement) is $168pw below the poverty line, Newstart (plus these supplements) is $117pw below, while the single pension (plus Pension and Energy Supplements) is closer to the poverty line, but still $10pw below.”

Now, contrast this with the fact that $270 billion is $10,000 per person in Australia. Let that sink in. In a country where we apparently can’t afford to maintain the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments, where welfare payments have been systematically reduced over the years to a literally unliveable wage, where ABC’s funding just got slashed despite the fact that their coverage of last season’s bushfires was “life-saving” – think about the ways our government COULD be investing its funds.

Someone please tell me why our country can’t afford to invest in maintaining the basic human rights of every person – a right to food, shelter and safety, yet we can pay for missiles that we have no fucking business using.

Just this year, our government slashed funding for education and the arts.

Scott Morrison proudly displays his despicable “I stopped these” boat statue on his desk (@ ScoMo staff, surely it can mysteriously disappear…), but if he really gave a shit about stopping refugees then he wouldn’t invest money in CREATING them by actively funding war initiatives.

This is a classic example of men in power doing absolutely nothing for the vulnerable majority, but instead comparing lengths and who can have the biggest “missile.”

It’s actually such poor fucking management of money that I’m convinced my sister’s 8th grade bake sale committee could do a better job.

People should be OUTRAGED by this blatant dismissal of the Australian public’s welfare.

Half of Australia is still recovering from devastating bushfires, and the other is dealing with an economic crisis because of a global pandemic – and our government can’t help them but can spend $270 BILLION on a war we aren’t even fighting? On a war that doesn’t even exist?

It’s a classic game of politicians creating a problem that doesn’t exist to rile up the public and make them paranoid for their safety, and then said politicians swoop in with a plan to save everyone that conveniently aligns with their economic interests despite fucking over the majority of people.

And then there’s the fact that plenty of our community issues are direct results of wars – the refugee crisis and traumas, carbon driven climate change. Our planet is literally being destroyed because of military conflict, and this is what our government things is appropriate?

It’s disgusting and an indictment of how shitty Australian politics is – when missiles are more important than human quality of life.

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