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J.K. Rowling Is At It Again With More TERF Bullshit, So Someone Please Expelliarmus Her Keyboard

Infinite eye roll.

J.K. Rowling out here really just trying to wreck the entire Harry Potter series and legacy ain’t she? It seems pretty clear to me that as long as she lives and breathes, the famous (now infamous, perhaps) author will continue to spit nonsense about trans people – that only proceeds to hurt them.

As we all know this is far from the first time J.K. has caused a stir around trans rights, heck it ain’t even the second time! But alas, here we are with more TERF drama that just feeds continual problems into society.

The author’s latest comment came as part of an 11-tweet thread on Twitter, where she mainly expressed concern about medical and mental treatment for trans people. In the series of tweets, she also compared conversion therapy and hormone therapy – saying that hormone prescriptions were the modern day anti-depressants.

Now regardless of the actual legitimacy of J.K. Rowling’s comments, the issue I have is that she arguably doesn’t realise the huge reach and impact her words have. Like just for a second think about the hurt that you’re causing for trans people worldwide? You ain’t a doctor, honey. As transgender model Munroe Bergdorf said, trans rights and treatment isn’t her fight.

And the debate on social media has been fierce as a result, with celebs like Jameela Jamil expressing their frustration with Rowling’s latest TERF comments.

Even more worryingly, J.K. be out here saying that she’s ignored “porn tweeted at children on a thread about their art”, ummmm sorry what?? That’s probably something you shouldn’t ignore J.K.

J.K. also said in her first of 11 tweets that she’s ignored fake tweets, death and rape threats. Now look, I certainly want to just condemn all of this type of behaviour. It’s one thing to call out the author’s opinion on trans people, but another to be actively serving up death threats.

But in saying that, when will J.K. realise that she continues to drum up hate speech, that only continues to alienate people globally?

You can view the entire thread below:

Image Source: J.K. Rowling Facebook 

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