#CrimeMinister Is Trending On Twitter And Scott Morrison Is SWEATING

How good is crime?

I know, I know, it’s hard to keep up with all the BS that is the LNP right now, particularly our Prime Minister, or should I say #CrimeMinister, Scott Morrison.

With the lying to the UN, forcing people to shake his hand, publicly embarrassing himself in Kangaroo Island, getting chased out of Cobargo by angry locals and going away to Hawaii in the middle of a climate crisis, this guy is a PR disaster.

The latest news is a touch more serious though – Scotty from Marketing is being accused of corruption after he backed Deputy Leader of the National Party Bridget McKenzie, who distributed funds for sports grants to already wealthy, Liberal-linked sporting clubs to “further the Coalition’s political interest.”

An absolutely savage report came out by the independent Audit Office, blasting McKenzie for not distributing needs-based funds to those who actually needed it, but instead to marginal seats or seats that the Coalition wanted to win.

This SMH article sums up exactly why this #SportsGate scandal is so outrageous and dangerous, and how it links up to corruption.

Twitter is not having a bar of ScoMo these days, and considering #CrimeMinister and #ScottyFromMarketing are the top two trends right now, it’s looking like people are pretty done with his shit.

It’s even funnier when you remember that Scott Morrison rejected the nickname Scotty From Marketing, and the fact that he gave himself the nickname ScoMo.

Paired with Scummo, SmoKo and every other wonderfully snarky nickname given to Scott Morrison, I have to say we’re atleast lucky to have a PM that’s so easy to meme.

Image Sources: Twitter

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