Logan Lerman Has Broken Twitter With His Rugged Glow Up And I Need A Minute to Process

Logan Lerman went from Percy Jackson to silver-fox Poseidon and I stan. 🥰

This one goes out to anyone who has ever crushed on Logan Lerman – whether as 2010’s Percy Jackson or as the quiet baby-faced Charlie in Perks of Being A Wallflower.

Because he has re-emerged from lockdown and, in a single photo, has managed to re-awaken an entire Twittersphere of tween hearts with his new, unexpected look.

Allow me to introduce you to rugged, stubbly, salt-and-pepper Logan Lerman.

Talk about a glow up.

Literally, out of nowhere, Lerman has ditched the clean-cut dark brown haircut we are so used to and has emerged from lockdown with bold silver and white streaks of grey in his wavy, chin-length hair. Almost instantly, the 28 year old actor has claimed his title as ‘white boy of the year’.

While Lerman deserves huge kudos for this new look, we must also applaud his girlfriend Ana Corrigan (a New York artist and the envy of many fans) for posting these photos to her Instagram. She really is doing the most for fan-kind.

Because, so far, literally every time she has posted a photo of him, he’s managed to trend on Twitter. That’s the power of Logan Lerman. Don’t tell me demigods don’t exist.

So, whether you forgot about your crush from 2010, or whether you thought you had grown out of the cropped-hair, baby-smooth face of Perks and Percy Logan Lerman may you bask in the glory of this glow up.

Don’t you love when a crush from your youth matures with you. Talk about an actor showing their range.

That’s it, that’s the article. I really need a minute to process this, so please, just leave me to scroll through and admire Ana and Logan’s instagram feeds’ for the next little while. Bye.

Image Sources: Instagram (@analuisacorrigan)

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