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RIP Roger. Remembering Roger The Ripped Roo

In surprising and sad news, Roger the Ripped Roo has died at the age of 12 years old. Chris “Brolga” Barnes, owner of The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, and surrogate mother to Roger, announced his passing on Facebook over the weekend.

“Farewell our darling Roger ❤️

Sadly Roger has passed away of old age. He lived a lovely long life and was loved by millions around the world. We will always love you and miss you Roger ❤️”

Roger shot to fame in 2015 after a photo showing off his ripped physique went viral. At 90kg and almost 2 metres tall, he’s come a long way from the orphaned joey pulled from his mothers pouch. Brolga rescued him in 2006 when the little guy weighed under a kilo. Brolga has since hand raised him to become the beast Roger was.

“Ten years ago, I built this sanctuary to house Roger and a couple of his wives… I built it so they would have a place to live.

Roger was our alpha male for many years. He grew up to be a kangaroo that people all over the world have grown to love as much as we love him too.”

The internet have begun mourning and remembering the enormous roo.

Roger leaves behind 12 wives and a legacy that will be hard to live up to. R.I.P Roger the Ripped Roo. We’ll miss you.

Image Source: The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

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