Satellite Space Billboards Are Apparently A Thing Now

I don’t think this is what NASA had in mind when they pioneered space exploration. Apparently, a Russian company named StartRocket is looking into shooting giant, glowing billboards into our orbital range. And Pepsi seem to be totally on board with the idea.

According to a report, PepsiCo have signed up to be one of the fist companies to advertise in space. Using StartRocket’s set of satellites, known as an Orbital Display system, Pepsi intend to use the technology to advertise an energy drink.

Russian PepsiCo spokesperson, Olga Mangova said in a statement, “Orbital billboards are the revolution on the market of communications.”

So, here’s the thing. The system is made up of a bunch of things called CubeSats. These are 10cm cube satellites that float around at a low orbit. The satellites reflect light from their position 400 to 500km above Earth, thus shining down upon us a message from our consumerist gods.

Understandably, people are not super keen.

The night sky is often used by people as an opportunity to escape. Escape from the social world and the online world. Heading out into the middle of no where to camp and look at the stars can be incredibly restorative.

Let’s not put some fucking ads up there, yeah?

Image source: StartRocket

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