A Parisian Chaplain Risked His Life To Save Jesus’ Crown Of Thorns

Parisian chaplain, Jean Marc Fournier, has been named a hero by those of the Catholic faith for diving headfirst into the burning Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris to save what is believed to be Jesus’ Crown of Thorns. Fournier entered Notre Dame mid-burn alongside firefighters.

While the cathedral burned on Monday night, he took what he could of the hundreds of priceless historical and biblical artefacts. He told CNN, “The police took the crown and I took the holy sacrament.” Fournier holds keys to Notre Dame, meaning he was able to remove the precious relics from the building.

Across news and social media, Jean Marc Fournier is being praised for his very brave efforts to save one of the most important artefacts to the Catholic faith.

To quote the tweet above, some heroes absolutely do wear capes. Big, cool, billowy capes.

Image Credit: Phillip Wojazer 

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