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The Results Are In: Here Are The Best (And Worst) Countries For Expats To Escape To

You’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone who has no interest in living overseas at least once in their life. It’s a pretty common dream, and for good reason. Living internationally can open your eyes in ways nothing else can. But if you’re the type to research the shit out of a location before you make your final choice, I have some good news for you.

InterNations have released their annual Expat Insider report. The report surveys current expats and ranks countries based on a range of different criteria. These include: quality of life; liveability; how easy it is to settle in; job satisfaction; and dating & relationships. This year’s report saw over 18,000 people surveyed, representing 178 nationalities. These folks were living in 187 countries or territories around the world.

The Best


For the second year in a row, the Middle Eastern island nation of Bahrain has scored the top spot. With their top marks in ease of communication, settling in, overall friendliness/finding friends, it’s no wonder they took out first overall in home feeling.

This year, Taiwan has come in at second place, improving on their 4th place ranking last year. Expats are loving their quality of life over in Taiwan, highly regarding healthcare accessibility, public transport and job security.

Ecuador expats voted their fave country in at number three. Apparently, they’re loving their new lifestyle and financial earning ability, with the country ranking high in both categories. I mean, to be honest, who wouldn’t love earning a bunch and loving life while you do it?

Rounding out the top five were Mexico and Singapore. Turns out if you’re looking for a change of scenery with tonnes to do that will give you plenty of personal happiness, Mexico is your go-to. Meanwhile, in Singapore, you’re looking at a 10/10 high quality life, with plenty of public transport options for all of your exploring.

Australia narrowly missed out on making the top 10, coming in at number 12 — narrowly beaten by New Zealand at 11.

The Worst


Brazil and Turkey take out fourth and fifth worst countries for expats. Unfortunately, Brazil came in absolute last for safety and security. And expats also ranked it pretty bloody low for quality of life, travel and transport. Turkey also ranked low for safety & security and was in the bottom 10 countries for digital life.

But coming in third-last is India. Unfortunately, 2018 has seen India take a downward slide across most categories. Expats in India aren’t super pleased with their career prospects and satisfaction, and are unhappy with their work and leisure balance.

This year, Saudi Arabia ranks 67th out of 68, but the country has been in the bottom 10 for a couple years now. Expats in Saudi Arabia have said that although they’re pretty pleased with their personal finance, everything else is pretty not great. Overall, more than 40% of expats living in Saudi Arabia rated their general satisfaction with life negatively.

And finally, in last place, Kuwait. Expats in Kuwait ranked the country square last for quality of life, ease of settling in, and general satisfaction with life abroad. They also put the country in the bottom five for working abroad. So maybe steer clear.

Also in the bottom 10, somewhat surprisingly, were Italy, Greece and the UK. Maybe a good summer Euro trip does not a good home make. It’s possible Brexit factored in somewhat, but who can really say?

Well, there you have it. If you’re interested in taking a look at the full report and getting all the rankings, head here and check it out. It’s pretty bloody interesting if, like me, you’re a control freak who wants to live abroad.

Image source: Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash, Arabian Business, Make Zine

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