5 Best Super Bowl Commercials You Need To Watch

In case you missed the social media extravaganza that accompanies it, it’s Super Bowl time. And with that comes meme galore, plenty of water cooler chit chat and quality ads. If you think TV ad placement is dead, the Super Bowl is here to prove you wrong. Innovating and creating commercials that spark conversation, here’s our roundup of the very best. Topical and timeless.

#1 Old Spice

Ah yes, the very heroes of the commercial. They brought us pulsating pecs, Terry Cruz and many more colloquialisms with each commercial, Old Spice is pure genius. For a body wash to have so much pop culture sway is surprising, but we’re not complaining. This ad explores the Tarzan-esque story of coming clean, quite literally.

#2 84 Lumber

Edited for political content, the original included a depiction of Trump’s yet to be built wall. The ad even without this bit is poignant and beautiful, alluding to the separation with careful precision. It’s controversial and we love it even more for tackling the subject matter with authenticity.

#3 Honda

Bringing to life the yearbook photos of may a famous person, Honda’s ad is all emotion, real early. From Jimmy Kimmel in humiliating garb playing the clarinet to Steve Carrell’s paper side neighbour Darryl cracking jokes, it’s warmly funny. Watch for yourself, but it’s not obtrusively telling you to buy a Honda which we love. And a different take on the usual spectacle of the Super Bowl commercial.

#4 The Battle of Evony 

An epic worthy of a Super Bowl spot, the cinematography is exquisite and you’ll be desperate for more. Following the great leaders of yester year as they march into their respective battles, even non-gameplayers will be intrigued. With the tagline let your reign begin, we can tell this game will see an app store spike swiftly.

#5 Avocados From Mexico

A secret society we could definitely see ourselves participating in, this commercial takes on governmental secrecy with raucous humour. It’s cheeky and hunger inducing, both things we’e not going to complain about. From Area 51 to a typically 2017 moment of live streaming within said secret society, this ad is as clever as it gets.

Special mention to the Wix ad starring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot, because getting Transporter and Wonder Woman in the same room is a combo we didn’t know we needed. Kickass.

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