Scott Cam Has So Far Made Over $100,000 From Taxpayers For Literally Three Social Media Posts

Meanwhile us media interns are doing that shit for free.

In the latest news of our capitalist government dystopia, it’s been revealed that Scott Cam has done absolutely shit all with his $350,000 taxpayer funded salary, and then told people it was none of their business to ask if that was appropriate.

So far, the man has already gotten over $100,000 of his salary – for a total of three social media posts, and an appearance in a couple of videos. Oh, and he has a profile on a government website, so I guess we should chuck another six figures at him.

In an absolute train-wreck of an interview with Sky News which was probably a tragic attempt at damage control, Scott Cam literally told journalists it was none of their business when they asked if it was appropriate that he’s getting $350,000 for essentially doing fuck-all.

“My management and the government discussed the fee, that’s none of your business that’s a commercial arrangement and how that came about is between my management, myself and the government,” he said.

Which is funny since I’m pretty sure taxpayers have a right to know what the government is doing with public money.

In case you didn’t know who Scott Cam is, he’s that absolute wanker who hosts The Block. Somehow he landed a government ambassador position, and now he’s the ‘National Careers Ambassador.’

In regards to what that actually means, apparently he’s supposed to go to educational institutions and… inspire? motivate? I don’t know. Anyway, he’s meant to talk to kids about how VET pathways are good, which wouldn’t be controversial if he wasn’t being paid such enormous figures from public wealth.

Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, he defended himself against criticisms of his lack of work until now. (He’s literally only made one public appearance as part of work despite pocketing $145,000).

“If you did your homework and knew what you were talking about, you’d know that all of the tours and appointments that we’re going to are school or TAFE based and over the summer all of those facilities are closed,” he told them.

“I think that would be a waste of taxpayer money if I was standing at an empty school, wouldn’t you?”

I mean, personally I think the existence of his entire role is a giant waste of taxpayer money, so yeah. Imagine if we just funded education and VET pathways instead.

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