Shanghai Dumpling Bar Is Slinging Us Syd-Siders A Rad $1 Dumpling Happy Hour

You better believe this is for real. Kensington Street is getting their party on for the launch of their very own Shanghai Dumpling Bar. Kensington Street already had a vast selection of food from more countries than you can list on all your fingers, but a designated place dedicated to stuffing your face with dumplings? They’ve outdone themselves, and we’re at the receiving end of their blessings.


Seeing as the where has been covered, you might be wondering when you can get your gluttonous antics started? From 6 – 7pm tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday), you can douse yourself in soy sauce and live your best life. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, (the good things being dollar plates of soft, adorable, dumpling perfection) so get down there asap.

All the best flavours are on offer to us all, from Pork and Garlic Chive (yum), to Beef Mushroom and Chinese Greens (YUM.) Not to mention other stunners like Chicken Woodear Mushroom (I’ve now drowned in my own saliva.) If you find yourself sitting there like a sad sack because you’ve demolished your dumplings, there are plenty more where that came from. You can get a whopping 12 dumplings without your bank account even breaking a sweat, all while giving your Insta a work out due to their colourful appearance.

You even get to choose how you want your dumplings served. As if this whole concept wasn’t magical enough, honestly. Whether you want them boiled, ‘potsticker’ style or served in a broth (I’ll take all of them at once) you’ll definitely be getting what you were craving. And of course, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering the extras like crispy pockets and noodle dishes that are jam packed with flavour you probably forgot existed. So treat yo’self people. Grab your mate or a date and let yourself loose.

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