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The Bachelorette Finale Drinking Game To Drown Your Ciarran-Loving Sorrows In

We all know it would be no competition if our fave Brit was still in the mansion.

Ladies and jelly beans, we are hours away from finding out who will be crowned the victor of Bachelorette AU 2019, and ofc, of Angie’s heart. Now, I know we’re still all mourning the loss of our sweet prince Ciarran, his fabulous lewks and larrikin antics. But we’ve made it this far, so it’d be rude not to tune into the Grand Finale.

So round up your gap pals, hit up the bottle shop for their finest $5 bottle of Sav Blanc and park yourself in front of a telly. It’s time to tuck in peeps.

P.S. Pls use this as a rough guide because you will literally wreck yourself otherwise.

Take A Shot Every Time Timm Says Something Cooked

The absolute king of obscure Aussie sayings never fails to deliver. So make sure you start on the weak stuff.

Have A Drink Every Time Someone Talks About Their ‘Connection’

Make sure you have plenty of drinks ready to go because no doubt you’ll be burning through them with this rule.

Finish Your Drink – Whenever Carlin’s Acting Career Is Mentioned

Carlin’s bro surely copped an earful after sewing, watering and encouraging the seeds of doubt to grow and flower. And it keeps coming up.

1 x Alize Shot – Every Time Osher Just Appears Out Of Nowhere

You’ll be guaranteed a shot when we hear him utter ‘Evening Gentlemen’ for the final time this year. But he has a habit of popping up out the blue throughout the eps.

1 x Drink Any Time There’s A Random Shot Of The Landscape Or Shrubbery

There’s nothing like a smooth transition between shots that involves close up shots of flowers and sweeping pans of the landscape.

1 x Drink When Angie Talks About How Big The Decision Is

Deciding which guy to take home is no small feat and no doubt we’ll see a lot of her deliberation process.

Finish A Mate’s Drink Every Time Angie Says ‘I Don’t Know’

It’s *Decision Time* and if last night’s semi-final was anything to go by, you’re gonna need to stock up on Gatorade so you can make it through tomorrow without a killer hangover.

1 x Tequila Shot – When The Camera Zooms In On The Final Rose

It’s gonna be accompanied by the most ridiculously over the top dramatic music, so you’ll need it.

Nominate A Mate To Finish Their Drink When Angie’s Fam Grill The Boys

Now it’s Angie’s fam’s turn to turn the heat on the boys after the disaster she weathered when she met the families of her top four boys.

Shotgun A Beer Or Skull Your Wine – Every Time You Wish Ciarran Was Still Here


1 x Sip Of Water When This Crazy Season Finally Ends

It’s been a wild ride but take care of yourselves Bachie maniacs!

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