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Our Fave Moments From This Year’s Season Of The Bachelorette

Angie Kent and her suitors have treated us to a number of shenanigans.

This Thursday night we will finallyyyy find out which Bachie boi has won Angie’s heart. Until then, I think it’s worth reminiscing on the golden moments this season has brought us.

The Hen’s Party

Angie’s best mate Yvie came along for the ride with a bunch of the boys decked out in pink feather boas and various other hen’s party paraphernalia. Not only were we treated to these iconic lewks, Ciarran went unashamedly starkers to pose for life drawing. He opted for a trusty bunch of grapes to protect his modesty instead of actual clothing when chatting to Yvie. She (and the rest of us watching at home) were all about it.

THAT Outfit Ciarran Wore To The Cocktail Party

It was extremely difficult pinning down just one of Ciarran’s magnificent outfits as the cream of the crop, but folks I think this is it. The neck tie. The hair. The jacket. Mwah, utterly fabulous. His fashun was undoubtedly one of the best parts of the Bachelorette this season.

The Photoshoot Dress Up Nonsense

Photoshoots on Bachie usually make for some seriously entertaining viewing – this season was no exception. We watched a fully grown man throw a hissy fit about being dressed up like a chicken on national television, only to remove the costume and reveal an enormous ‘WAZZA’ tattoo across his back. We also saw the first human-lobster hybrid and some cute lil penguin onesies.

Angie’s Sisterhood Smackdown On Jess

We all know how disgustingly awful and misogynistic this bloke was. Seeing him get his ass handed to him by Angie was one of the GREATEST Bachelorette moments EVER. Good bloody riddance.

Ciarran Being Open About His Past

I might as well just say Ciarran and everything he said or did was hands down the best part of Bachelorette, because let’s be real, it was. But this particular DnM stands out because we saw a man open up about his past in a totally unashamed and healthy way. Can we see more of this on tv/in movies/society in general pls?

The Elderly Partner Dancing Ep

Carlin rocked some smooth moves and a pair of strategic booty-popping pants. Ryan really did look like a grandpa in those glasses, and Alex finally got to chat to Angie! Timm’s partner was also a hysterical flirt and their banter about sugar mummies was highly entertaining.

Angie Having A Cheeky Motion Sick Vom… Then A Pash

As a fellow motion sickness sufferer, I really do feel her pain. Tbh I’m proud she managed to keep her lunch down until the chopper landed. And Jackson was a total champ about it. But my fave part about this date with Jackson was how she keen she was for a kiss. “I’ve definitely cleaned my teeth so I reckon we should even kiss” (Angie Kent, 2019). Iconic.

Friendly reminder – FINALE ON THURSDAY!!!

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