The Wiggles Are On Tik Tok And I Didn’t Know I Needed This

Wags and Anthony 4Eva, I guess???

Proving that everyone really is obsessed with Tik Tok, the Wiggles have started up an official account.

Apparently Anthony did it solely because his teenage daughter begged him to never make a Tik Tok… so he did what every good dad does and did exactly that.

@thewigglesofficialAround the water cooler at Wiggles HQ. The boomers have truly arrived. Sorry… #fyp #sayso #saysochallenge #thewiggles #dorothy #wags #weouthere♬ Say So – Doja Cat

People are absolutely losing it on Twitter and I’m right there with them, honestly.

I didn’t know that I needed to see Wags and Dorothy doing the “Say So” dance while Anthony just vibes next to the water cooler, but now that I’ve got it, I want more.

The account has also revealed some Official Wiggles Lore for those who are interested. In a trend where users say some facts about themselves, like their name, their age, and their favourite colour, Anthony Wiggle said he’s 102 years old, he’s from Wiggle World, that his lover is Wags.

@thewigglesofficialTook us 2 hours to learn how to add text. Nbd. #thewiggles #fyp #cheersquad #anthonywiggle♬ some things abt me – chismusic

We stan a gay interspecies relationship, I guess???

This comes only a few weeks after their 18+ show at to raise money for bushfire relief. I would personally love to see a Wiggles resurgence. Perhaps we need them now in our twenties and thirties more than we ever did as toddlers.

They’ve only uploaded three videos so far but the potential for excellent Wiggles content is absolutely endless. Are they going to make OOTD videos? Try Jelly Fruits while fruit salad plays in the background? When will they learn renegade?

Also, can we talk about that sparkly white belt Anthony is wearing?? Absolute king.

@thewigglesofficialLikely to be the first dancing octopus on this app… Anthony is just vibing #fyp #thewiggles #henrytheoctopus♬ AhiChallenge – elrodcontreras

Image Source: Tik Tok

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