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#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver Will Get You Gee’d Up For The End Of Self-Isolation

Big “there’s light at the end of the pandemic tunnel” energy

I think, collectively, we’re over this whole coronavirus thing. We kind of just want everything back to normal.

Naturally, we’ve spent plenty of time in self-isolation reflecting on the things we’ve taken for granted. Quick Woolies runs, a coffee date, gym classes, after-work drinks, the availability of toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

The little things.

But perhaps one good thing to come from coronavirus is that everyone’s gained a little perspective. Maybe.

Of course, though, the minute we locked ourselves inside we began looking forward to when this is all over. And so #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver was born.

Twitter users have been sharing their plans for when the pandemic is over, and they’re freed from their homes. And the results are the jolt of positive energy you needed to get through another week of self-isolation.

Most are amped to get outside and hit the pubs.

Others are a little more cautious.

Some are amped to hook into some good food.

Or getting their shoddy quarantine haircuts fixed.

Plenty of weddings and holidays are on the cards, apparently. And so are the parties for the essential workers who saved all of our lives by putting theirs on the line.

I’m with the people who are looking forward to seeing their mates.

Yeah, I’m amped.

Image Sources: Pexels, Twitter

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