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This Is A PSA That Flume Is Back In The Bizz And He Made You A Mixtape

Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape). No, it’s not actually Flume here, but it is a fanatic of Flume trying to catch her breath over the drop of a new, very precious mixtape. It’s no ordinary mixtape. This one positively shits on the one your ex lover gave you. This is a new era of Flume people, do yourself a huge fave and check. It. Out.

So he’s gifted us this masterpiece of sound engineering and he’s also promised tour appearances. First to be announced was Lollapalooza and I suspect more are to come. Flume is man of his word, so when he says, “More shows and more music to come,” you listen and you believe it. Flume’s word is Gospel.

Whilst you’re treating yourself to this new mixtape, here are a series of unrelated Twitter posts featuring Flume for you to appreciate/drool over. We love you Flume. We’re glad to have you back.

Image Source: Spotify, @flumemusic. 

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