This Is What You Searched The Most On Google In 2019, And Natural Disasters Are EVERYWHERE

Floods, fires, droughts – we got slammed this year.

The results are in for what we searched for most on Google in 2019 and it’s a lil scary tbh. With all those ‘unprecedented’ fires burning across the country, it’s no surprise that the most searched term from the whole year was ‘fires near me’.

From the NSW fires to flooding in Townsville and Cyclone Oma, we had our fair share of natural disasters in Australia. We took to Google to find out more about them. The Amazon fires also got our attention – ‘why is the Amazon burning’ was the second highest asked question in the ‘why is…’ category.

Wins For Female Empowerment

It’s no secret that we’re a nation that lives and breathes sport. Our Google searches defs confirmed that this year – the rugby and cricket world cups were second and third respectively out of all the top trending searches. The awesome thing this year was the huge amount of searches about female sport and athletes. Ash Barty took out the top spot in the list of top trending Aussies and Tayla Harris was the top footy player. Searches about the Women’s World Cup also made it into the top 10 of searches about Australian sport events. YTG!

More Of Us Are Giving Plant Based Diets A Go

Google is defs the first place you go to look up recipes (RIP to the recipe book industry). Plant-based recipes took out the top spot for searches in this category. There have been quite a few docos on Netflix this year about veganism and plant-based diets, so makes sense to see people ditching processed stuff for greens. Turns out we’re also still intrigued by particular diets – the keto diet got it’s fair share of searches this year. Good to see the classic scone is still going strong though.

The Election Was Also This Year, In Case You’d Forgotten

Ah yes, we saw ScoMo get his top spot in Canberra extended for another 3 years. The results from this year’s election made it to the top 5 trending searches. Turns out quite a lot of us needed a refresher (or crash course for first-time voters) on what to do at the polls.

3 out of the 5 top ‘how to’ searches were about how to vote in general and how to vote for the two major parties. ScoMo and Bill Shorten were up there in the Aussie public figures most searched for. The second spot in this category went to the highly controversial Fraser Anning. Politics was defs high up on everyone’s radar in 2019.

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