5 Delicious Japanese Spots In Perth You Need To Try

If the hand rolled goodness of sushi excites you or the slippery slurping of ramen elates you, then this is the list for you. Bible, even. A go to guide to filling your belly with the best your chopsticks can grasp. Perth is overflowing with options for the tasty cuisine, but with Nobu out of the everyday price range for most, we’ve scoured the city to find the best for a more reasonable price.

#1 Seizan

It’s been dubbed the best kept secret in Perth by online reviewers, a title they’ve earned. Whether it’s the whipper snipper speed of a teppanyaki master or your own platter of sushi sliced into bite size morsels, Seizan does it both. Not to mention they’re also a karaoke bar, adding to the authentic experience. Whisking yourself here is certainly cheaper than darting off to Tokyo.

#2 Fat Maki

One sushi roll never enough? Well, here it may just satiate even the hungriest hordes. Fat Maki is, just as the name suggests, jam-packed with fillings and exploding with flavour. If sushi is more an entree in your usual encounters, be prepared to be satisfied. Possess super human eating ability? Ok sure, try the Japanese fried chicken too. It’s crispier and crunchier than any regular old chicken tossed in breadcrumbs, better than anything you’ve ever encountered.

#3 Mr Munchies

DIY sushi? Don’t mind if we do. Let your inner sous chef come to life and roll your own lunch. With all the ingredients prepared to perfection, how hard can it be? Look, don’t quit you job in pursuit of a career in Japan; it is delicious, no thanks to your rolling skills. Tucked away down in a Mount Lawley laneway, once you find it the interior makes you feel like you’re eating inside a comic book.

#4 Nao Japanese

If ramen is your noodle of choice, then this is the purveyor for you. Nao is steeped in authenticity, being the first restaurant in Perth to offer authentic ramen. The noodles are hand made in house with meticulous care, thanks to a special machine from Japan. With over 17 toppings on offer and a broth that beams in colour and radiates warmth, Nao is a ramen lovers dream.

#5 Taku 

No fuss set menus you will devour with glee. It might not look like much from the exterior but this Mandurah stop is delightful. Let the chefs choose your combinations, depending how loud your tummy growls, our pick is C. All your favourites from tempura to sashimi, just don’t try and share it. It’s too good to ration out.

Image source: True Local,  Yelp, Urban Walkabout, Mr Munchies, Foodie Hub, Weekend Notes.

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