5 Epic Signs From Keep Sydney Open’s Rally

A night out in this harbour-side city is just not what it used to be. Late nights that turn into benders? Not likely. A shot to celebrate? Better have it as an opener. Leisurely pres? No chance, go on skull your drink and hurry out before the clock strikes 1.30am. Lockout laws have shut, a previously vibrant city, down entirely, tucking them in nice and early. If you missed it 5Why was there live, watch below.

So to try and change this dire situation, Keep Sydney Open marched for the second time through the streets – this time with a crowd of 10,000. Amongst the crowd we’ve selected the wittiest, pun-niest and best absolute truth bombs from the signs. Baird cops it, as expected.

#1 Kendrick vibes

A rally for longer parties that turned into a day party ???????????? #makesydneylateagain

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A little Kendrick wisdom doesn’t go astray with this absolute zinger. If that’s one thing Sydney – a fine city is lacking, it’s vibes.

#2 Australian politics is in a bit of a state

#casinomike #keepsydneyopen #keepsydneyopenrally

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Thanks to an ageing population the politicians representing appear distorted from reality. Hanson is a stark case, but Mike Baird fronts a mandate that is at odds with the people. And distorted completely from what a thriving city needs, instead real estate comes first. I don’t like it and you shouldn’t either.

#3 A modern love story

#keepsydneyopen #lalalasupportssydney #getondownandshowyoursupport

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Last drinks, approaching that special someone by the bar or sharing a ride home, closing nightlife is shutting people out. In an effort to stop anti-social behaviour that’s exactly what the lockout laws cause. Drinking a bottle of wine at home alone will soon be the only option.

#4 Mass exodus south

Oh Melbourne is catching our Sydney’s heels. Sure we have the bridge and stunning waterways but Melbs has a trump card. Luring slick city siders down south with it’s thriving nightlife, food scene and epic calendar of live music. If you haven’t considered a move down, you should.

#5 Expats unite


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For all the homegrown complaints this expat’s sign speaks volumes. Sydney markets itself as an international city, a global destination but how can our 9-5 compete with their 24/7?

There is a lot of work to be done on the state of our drinking culture but lockouts certainly aren’t the answer. A recent analysis confirmed the lockouts instead of decreasing alcohol related violence just moved it across to other nightlife zones outside of the lockouts. Newtown, Bondi, Coogee, Double Bay and Pyrmont have all had to deal with a rise in assaults. The signs above speak to what we’re all thinking and hopefully the steps taken along the streets of Sydney today evidence that. Have a read of Keep Sydney Open’s policies and make your own decision for your city.

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Image source: Pure Mental.

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