5 Essentials For Max Summer Feels

Summer is upon us once again and we’re raring to get it started. Of course, the season wouldn’t be complete without a list of Summer essentials to help us revel in the good times to be had in the sun.

#1 Choice Tunes

Whether you spend your time hustling about the city in a suit, or getting summer body ready in the gym, Audiofly has your needs for musical motivation covered. Their sweet new AF100W earphones are designed specifically for busy bodies on the move. The ear pieces are designed to hook into your ear, meaning you don’t have to waste your time repositioning them every few minutes. The cables are made from those used in parachutes so breaking them is nearly impossible (the cables also hold the volume control for ultimate convenience.) They’re also sweat resistant so you don’t have to worry about drowning them while working out. Audiofly has a history of creating professional recording headphones so there is an absolute guarantee the AF100Ws will give you the base and treble to drool over, no matter if you’re running, gyming or just getting some sun on the beach.

#2 Floating Eskies

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Floating about in cool water is a saving grace in times of sweltering heat, so naturally getting out of the water to grab yourself a drink or food just isn’t something we’re a fan of. Never fear though, floating eskies are a thing designed specifically for your comfort (what a time to be alive). Intex has coolers that come in different sizes and designs, meeting any needs you may have for your Summer plans. You can either order Intex off ebay or can be found ready to purchase in BCF.

#3 Summer Staples

No summer is fit without a clothing staple, and while we may try to convince ourselves we have enough espadrilles or denim, we just keep going back for more. UNiDAYS has got you students out with sweet deals from ASOS and The Iconic to General Pants Co. and The Academy Brand (so many baggy shorts, so little days in the week). It’s all at your disposal from the click of a button and you can convince yourself you’re being good by not spending as much (it counts as saving, right?) And for the working class, keep an eye out for (affordable) summer releases, particularly at Industrie + Showpo.

#4 Beach Brollies And Fancy Towels

I don’t know what is it about our generation but we’re suckers for a patterned round towel. Pair that with a large umbrella and you’ve got yourself a great time at the beach. Let’s face it, no matter how much sunscreen you put on, you’re going to get burnt because our sun is powerful and most of us aren’t cut out to handle it. Kmart stocks beach umbrellas that are two metres wide, and will leave you with the freedom to laze in the shade to your heart’s content. Cotton On has comfy round towels available in different colours to spread out on and have some snacks or a snooze. What more could you want, really?

#5 Captured Moments

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Summer is the season that’s notorious for making memories with your best mates. What better way to remember the good times than to capture them with a camera and print them out for visual reminders? HP has a Sprocket 2-in-1 (an instant camera and miniature printer) that makes it easy peasy to capture those valuable moments in a second. You and your friends are also able to connect your phones to the device so everyone can get snap-happy. You can then place the photos around your room, in frames, or in photo albums. Get creative with those sun-kist vibes, too.

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