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5 Expat Destinations On The Rise

Thanks to the eager feet of graduates the world over ready to explore the world, expat laden areas are no longer restricted to the usual suspects of the USA and UK. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey our career driven journeys abroad are more far reaching than ever before. Here’s 5 emerging destinations to think about for your next career move, showing the corporate ladder is no longer country specific.

#1 Norway

A new entry onto the list of best destinations for briefcase toting long term travellers, Norway leaped into sixth place out of nowhere.  The nordic wonderland rated number one for work life balance among expats, from a dark horse to prize winning in one bound. The employment rate is low and plenty of openings in Engineering, Teaching and Hospitality industries. Just make sure to pack accordingly, it can get a little frosty come winter.

#2 Austria

Another newbie entering into a stellar list of welcoming countries for foreigners looking to stay a while, Austrians will greet you with open arms. Sitting 7th on the all rounder expat list, it ranks 1st for healthcare and scores highly across work life balance and financial security too. No matter your native tongue you’ll feel right at home in the brisk European city filled with culture.

#3 Japan

Not one for those prone to culture shock, Japan offers a whole new way of living for the eager expat. Be prepared to work hard and long hours, but for every moment of after time you’ll have a warm nip of sake to sooth your soul and a karaoke song ringing in your ears as comfort. Top notch scores across culture, safety and health, mean it’s up four spots from 24 to 20.  An  extended stint here is sure to change your life for the better and improve your manners ten fold. It doesn’t have to be a tale of Lost in Translation.

#4 South Korea

Culture, social life and disposable income in spades, South Korea is a new haunt for eager workers seeking a country beyond their own. For job seekers look beyond the main cities and into the heart of this fine nation, you’ll find friendly locals and a unique charm that differs from locale to locale. Ranking 36th it’s a great entry point for a nation on the up, it’s position affected largely by the language barrier. You’ll get a taste for kim chi in no time!

#5 Czech Republic

It’s more than just Prague you know, the Czech Republic is a vibrant hub of arts and entrepreneurial spirit. The dirt cheap cost of living for the thriving nightlife and culture scene make it a wonderful choice for business people and travelling barmen alike. Sitting 12th overall with thanks to their social life and quality of life for keeping travelling workers in town for great lengths. Look to Bruno or Ostrava for a peek behind the tourist trail.

Image source: Business Insider, Spend Life Travelling, Minimal Blogs, Oxford Seminars, The Rooftop Guide, Tuula Vintage. 

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