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5 Things To Do Before Moving Interstate

While we may move interstate for varying reasons, the motions we go through in order to make it happen is usually a similarly stressful one. There are, however, certain steps that can be taken to make the moving process a relatively smoother one.

#1 Sell Ya Furniture

It might be worthwhile to consider weighing up the costs of moving your furniture via truck or train, versus selling your furniture and starting over. I myself, have moved my furniture interstate before and the cost of doing it pretty much sent me into cardiac arrest. If you sell your furniture, you’ll have the funds and a clean slate to start fresh, styling your space exactly how you would like to. Let’s not forget that Kmart is the absolute bomb diggity and you’ll get to trawl around the place for homeware essentials.

#2 Cull Your Wardrobe

I feel like you don’t know how many clothes you have until you’re required to stuff them in suitcases and boxes to move them. Have you ever seen those movies where one of the characters has to sit on their suitcase to get it closed? Well, multiply that overflowing suitcase by about five or six and you’ve got yourself the harsh reality of moving interstate. Congrats on taking the leap and condolences to your sanity. To keep your rationally-minded manner, I suggest performing a cull of your wardrobe. Yes, seriously. Items of clothing you haven’t worn over the space of a year, cull. Items that haven’t seen the light of day since 10th grade, cull. Your ex’s shirt you used to wear to bed – well, just go ahead and burn that. Afterwards you’ll be left with less suitcases to fill and a clearer mind.

#3 Kick The Knick Knacks

I once kicked a stick all the way home and decided to keep it because of the effort I put in getting it back to my place. My Dad also found a simple garden rock in the park and gave it to me when I was 12. Yes, I still have it. Why? Because I’m an A grade hoarder. Unfortunately, most of those Knick Knacks will have to go. If there are things that have legitimate sentimental value, I suggest buying a small/ medium tub from the reject shop and putting them in there to store (neatly). Your family might even store the tub in their garage if you ask nicely.

#4 Do A Final Clean

Cleaning the space you’re moving out of is a necessary step, especially if you want all of your precious bond back. This doesn’t have to be as boring or lonely as it sounds though. The last time I had to clean out my room, I invited my friends around, pumped music and drank beers while we all got to work. With everyone being allocated something to do, a two-day job turned into one that only took a couple hours.

#5 Tie Up Loose Ends

While moving can be exciting, there are, of course, two sides to every coin. There are usually a selection of mundane jobs to sort through before you hit the road. Changing your postal address, and licence details are some of those jobs. Sometimes different states have different expectations and requirements about certain vehicles (e.g. Motorbikes) that may be good to double check. Things like the RSA can also be state specific and worth checking if bar work was something you were considering. All these jobs can be added to a list that you can cross off. Imagine how satisfying it will be to see it all ticked and finished.

Image Source: Touchstone Pictures, Forbes

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