Bad News Lads, 50% Of Women In Relationships Have A Backup Partner In Mind

Women are savages!

Boys this really sucks for you and ladies you probably feel really called out right now. It turns out that half of women in relationship have a plan B partner in mind. This means if their relationship goes south they have someone to fall back on. Oh and um, majority of the women who have backup partners are actually married.

This information was uncovered in a study by Daily Mail a few years back, but has just started to float around again.

Who Are The Back-Up Partners

Apparently the back-up partners are most likely someone who has confessed their feelings to the woman in the relationship. They could also be an ex-partner, a colleague, someone that they have met at the gym or spoken to on Tinder. Daily Mail surveyed 1000 people and found that the back-up partner is likely someone that they have known for around 7 years and is ‘ready and waiting.’ Oh my God, ladies we are SAVAGE!

1 in 10 women admitted that the plan B had already confessed their love. Oh, and 1 in 5 were confident that he would drop anything to be with them. Around half of the women involved in survey said that their partner was aware of their plan B. I think it’s fair to say most boyfriends could think of a few dudes their girlfriend would hit up in the case of a breakup.

One in four women admitted that their partner has met the plan B. One in five said that the plan B was actively involved in their life. Yikes.

So What Does This Mean For Your Relo

Look, all I can say is girls will be girls and the facts speak for themselves. If you’re happy in your relationship you have no reason to be concerned about who your partner would turn to if you were to break up. However, you should have a convo with your partner and ensure that they aren’t texting a plan B behind your back. It’s also important to tell your misso how serious you are about the relationship. Assure her that she doesn’t need a backup plan.

The Bottom Line

What upsets me most about this survey is that women are out here thinking they need a backup relationship. Being single is not that bad! Ladies, if your relationship doesn’t work out, that’s fine. Heartbreak is a part of life. We need to be alone at certain points in our lives to grow and to learn about ourselves. My advice to all you women out there trying to find a plan B would be to be your own plan B. If your relationship falls apart you can pick yourself up, because you’re a strong independent woman!

Image Sources: GIPHY, Canva 

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