‘Dad Movies’ Are Being Hailed As A Legit Film Genre, So We Chose The Top 10 Of All Time

Dad 100000% loves all of these movies.

‘Dad Movies’ are currently trending on Twitter as people of the internet attempt to dissect the sub-genre. “What is a dad movie?” one Twitter user asks? One person responds with, “anything that ends with ‘cop’.” Another added, “honestly, you kind of know a dad movie when you see it.”

Other people added to the thread with their suggestions for the ‘Ultimate Dad Movie.’ We trolled through and have compiled the top 10 dad movies of all time. Please dads, don’t @ us.

#10 The Entire James Bond Series (1962 – 2020)

It doesn’t get more Dad than this. Dads have been dragging their children to the cinema to see these movies for almost 50 years. I’m sorry but can they please just stop making them! Daniel Craig, hunny, you need to retire.

#9 Oceans 11 (2001)

Fact number 1: Dads love an action / crime film.  Fact number 2: Dads love Matt Damon. Fact number 3: Dads love a film set in a casino.

#8 No Country For Old Men (2007)

This is a perfect dad movie. There is hunting, there is crazy discovery of money (every dads dream) and this whole movie has a colour scheme of about three colours (brown, black and grey). Perfect.

#7 The Departed (2006)

Dad movie checklist: does it have Matt Damon in it? Is it directed by Martin Scorsese?

#6 The Revenant (2015)

Okay so turns out Leonardo DiCaprio is also pretty popular in the dad movie sub-genre. I feel like absolutely nothing happens for the majority of this movie. But it goes for about 10 hours, so it’s a perfect match for dads.

#5 The Deer Hunter (1978)

I have two words for you: War. Movies.

#4 Top Gun (1986)

This is the ultimate dad movie for the dad who is a little bit of a softie at heart. Also it’s adrenaline pumping and uber-masculine so, love that for you, Dad.

#3 Caddyshack (1980)

Every dad loves this movie. It is so ridiculously stupid, it has Chevvy Chase in it and it’s about golf. That is basically the recipe to putting Dad in a good mood on a Sunday arvo.

#2 Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Matt…. and I cannot emphasise this enough… Damon. (Also, Dad probably cried in this movie.)

#1 Rocky (1976)

Rocky absolutely has to be the ultimate dad movie of all time. To most viewers, it might seem a little boring. But to dads, it’s absolute film mastery. This is just a fact of life that we cannot question.

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